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Altered Beast (Jūōki;獣王記)  NEC Avenue (Bits Laboratory)1989PCE
Altered Beast (Jūōki;獣王記)  NEC Avenue (Bits Laboratory)1989PCE CD
Artist Tool (アーティストツール)  NEC (Hudson Soft)1989PCE
Bonk's Adventure (PC Genjin;PC原人;PC Kid)  Hudson Soft;NEC (Atlus;Red)1989PCE
Deep Blue: Kaitei Shinwa (ディープブルー海底神話)  Pack-In-Video;NEC Technologies (Pack-in-Video)1989PCE
Double Dungeons (ダブルダンジョン)  NCS Masaya;NEC (NCS Masaya)1989PCE
Dungeon Explorer (ダンジョンエクスプローラー)  Hudson Soft;NEC HE (Atlus)1989PCE
F-1 Dream  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1989PCE
Gunhed (Blazing Lazers;ガンヘッド)  Hudson Soft;NEC HE (Compile)1989PCE
Power Golf (パワーゴルフ)  Hudson Soft;NEC HE (Hudson Soft)1989PCE
Red Alert (Last Alert;レッドアラート)  Telenet Japan;NEC Interchannel (Laser Soft)1989PCE CD
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 1 (Rom Rom Karaoke Vol. 1)  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1989PCE CD
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 2 (Rom Rom Karaoke Vol. 2)  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1989PCE CD
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 3 (Rom Rom Karaoke Vol. 3)  NEC Avenue (NEC Avenue)1989PCE CD
Side Arms Special (Hyper Dyne Sidearms Special - Before Christ;サイドアームスペシャル)  NEC Avenue (Capcom)1989PCE CD
Side Arms: Hyper Dyne (Hyperdyne Sidearms;サイドアーム)  NEC Avenue (Radiance Software)1989PCE
Son Son II (Sonson II)  NEC Avenue (Capcom)1989PCE
USA Pro Basketball (Takin' It to the Hoop;USAプロバスケットボール)  Aicom;NEC (Aicom)1989PCE
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (Monster Lair;モンスター・レアー)  Hudson Soft;NEC HE (Alfa System)1989PCE CD