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Ghostbusters 2 (Ghostbusters II) Salu;Avantgarde Software (Activision)1992Atari 2600
Rodney's Funscreen Radio Shack (Art in the Box;Activision)1992Tandy VIS
Shanghai: Dragon's Eye (Super Shanghai;Shanghai 2)  Activision;Hot-B (Genki)1992SNES
Spindizzy Worlds  ASCII;Activision (ASCII)1992SNES
Strike Gunner: S.T.G (Super Strike Gunner;STG)  Athena;NTVIC;Activision (Athena)1992SNES
The Manhole: New and Enhanced Activision (Cyan Worlds)1992MS-DOS
Ultimate Air Combat (エイセス アイアンイーグル3;Aces: Iron Eagle III;Aces: Iron Eagle 3)  Activision;Pack-In-Video (Activision;Pack-In-Video)1992NES
Wolfenstein 3D (Wolfenstein 3-D;wolf3d)  Apogee;Activision;GT Interactive (id Software)1992MS-DOS