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Ogre  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1987 21stcentury grid-hex hovervehicles hybridage-theme nuclearweapons tabletoptiein tank tanks wargame
Blitzkrieg: Battle at the Ardennes (Blitzkrieg at the Ardennes)  Command Simulations;CDS Software;Storm Computers (Command Simulations)1988 1940s 20thcentury ardennesoffensive boardgametiein europe grid grid-hex worldwar2
Firezone (Fire Zone)  PSS (Arcadia)1988 future grid grid-hex leveleditor wargame
UMS (Universal Military Simulator)  Rainbird (Intergalactic Development)1988 11thcentury 17thcentury 1860s 19thcentury addons americancivilwar ancientgreece antiquity battleofwaterloo bc4thcentury britain england grid grid-hex grid-square napoleonicwars usa war wargame
Red Lightning  SSI (SSI)1989 grid grid-hex war wargame
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sangokushi;三國志)  Koei (Koei)1989 2ndcentury 3plusfactions 3rdcentury asia asia-east china chineseimperialera combatmode grid grid-hex grid-irregular sanguoyanyi uvl-tiein
White Death: Battle for Velikiye Luki, November 1942  Command Simulations;Storm Computers;CDS (Command Simulations)1989 1940s europe grid grid-hex russia war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Bandit Kings of Ancient China  Koei;Infogrames (Koei;Infogrames)1990 12thcentury china combatmode grid grid-hex suikoden
Full Metal Planète  Infogrames (Hitech Productions)1990 boardgametiein grid grid-hex
Genghis Khan (Genghis Khan: Conquests of Love and War)  Koei;Infogrames (Koei)1990 12thcentury 13thcentury asia combatmode genghiskhan-series grid grid-hex
Nobunaga's Ambition (Nobunaga no Yabō: Zenkokuban;信長の野望 全国版)  Koei (Koei)1990 16thcentury 3plusfactions asia asia-east combatmode earth feudaljapan grid grid-hex grid-irregular japan nobunagasambition past sengokuperiod taxes unification
Battle Isle  Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1991 addons battleisle grid grid-hex leveleditor
Celtic Legends  Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1991 grid grid-hex
Halls of Montezuma: A Battle History of the United States Marine Corps  SSG (SSG)1991 1840s 1910s 1940s 1950s 19thcentury 20thcentury battlefrontengine grid grid-hex koreanwar mexican-americanwar realtimecombat stalematewar warfare-sea wargame worldwar worldwar1 worldwar2
Panzer Battles  SSG (SSG)1991 1940s 20thcentury battlefrontengine grid grid-hex mp-versus sovietunion war worldwar2
Renegade Legion Interceptor SSI (SSI)1991 grid grid-hex
The Perfect General  Ubi Soft (White Wolf Productions)1991 grid grid-hex wargame
Eternal Rome  Sven Hartrumpf (Sven Hartrumpf)1992 antiquity classicalantiquity earth grecoroman grid grid-hex imperiumromanum naturalistic
History Line 1914-1918 (Historyline: 1914-1918;The Great War: 1914 - 1918)  Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1992 1910s 20thcentury earth europe grid grid-hex latemodernperiod war wargame worldwar worldwar1
Warriors of Releyne Impressions (Impressions)1992 grid grid-hex leveleditor wargame
Freeciv The Freeciv project (The Freeciv project)1996 4xstrategy grandscale grid grid-hex grid-square lua sdl techtree trains
The Battle for Wesnoth  ? (?)2003 amigaos4 cpplanguage druids grid grid-hex langafrikaans langamerican langbritish langcatalan langhungarian langlatin langnorse langslovak langturkish sdl wesnoth