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Galdregon's Domain (Death Bringer)  Pandora (Pandora)1988 gridmove magic magicartefacts potions uvl-confusable
Black Tiger  U.S. Gold (Clipper Computer Products)1990 barbarianprotagonist bossbattles dragons dragons-western jumping keys ladders lives monsters poles potions rewardingvandalism score secrets shopping timelimit
Prince of Persia  Brøderbund;Domark1990 antiquity arabianfantasy arabiannights cinematicplatformer did flipscreens itemget ledges meleeweapons noaircontrol oldarabian-theme pop-original potions princeofpersia realtimelimit rescue rotoscoping semiteprotagonist simulacrums skeletons
Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight  Mindscape (Mindscape)1991 adv-undefined bodyarmor chosenone difficulty-charscaling gore graphicdeaths healingitems instantkillers knights medieval meleeweapons mode-practice monsters mp-versus nohud nontolkienian obsoletedassets potions search shopping solomission splatter swords titlementioned transcendency unknownpast walking warriorprotagonist xp-undefined