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Star Trek (Super Star Trek)  ? (?)198? startrek tvseries
Star Trek Amiga (Trek)  author (author)198? startrek tvseries
Star Trek  Twisted Images (Twisted Images)1988 digitizedimages startrek tvseries
The Twilight Zone  First Row Software (First Row Software)1988 interactivefiction tvseries wordinput
Wheel of Fortune (Amiga Wheel of Fortune)  author (author)1988 1980s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium currency earth naturalistic shopping tvgameshow tvseries wordgame
Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell  Screen 7 (Intelligent Design)1989 14thcentury crossbows tvseries
Spitting Image  Domark (Walking Circles)1989 tvseries
Star Trek: The Game  author (author)1989 startrek tvseries
The Munsters  Again Again (Teque Software;Tiger Developments)1989 femaleprotagonist ingametitle score tvseries
Thunderbirds  Grandslam (Teque)1989 submarines subterranean thunderbirds tvseries
Monty Python's Flying Circus  Virgin Games (Core Design)1990 montypython score tvseries
Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words Alternative Software (Enigma Variations)1990 edu-spelling thomasthetankengine trains tvseries wordgame
Edd the Duck  Impulze (Impulze)1991 anthroprotagonist birdprotagonist claiming ducks fish insects lives movie-theme score tvseries
Hill Street Blues  Krisalis (Krisalis)1991 lawenforcerprotagonist tvseries
Knightmare (Le Chevalier du Labyrinthe)  Mindscape (Mindscape)1992 gridmove group medieval tvseries
Sooty & Sweep  Alternative Software (PeakStar Software)1992 anthroprotagonist canidaeprotagonist claiming cosgrovehall nofalldamage score timelimit tvseries ursineprotagonist
Star Trek: The Game of the Future of Mankind (The Star Trek Game)  AGAtron (AGAtron)1992 extraterrestrial future startrek tvseries
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends  Alternative Software (PeakStar Software)1992 anthropomorphicobjectprotagonist anthropomorphicobjects anthropomorphism score thomasthetankengine train trains tvseries