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Beyond Good & Evil  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Milan)2003 abominations actionadventure aircushionvehicle aliens animalpeople bechdelwallace bossbattles chargedattack city cliffhanger companion conspiracy cooperation eldritchabominations elevators espionage fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse guidedweapons hovervehicle humanoidprotagonist industrial-setting insectoids jadeengine journalistprotagonist meleeweapons minigames monsters moon nomagic photographing polearms protectioncomplex rating-esrb-t rebellion rebelprotagonist rewardingvandalism robots savepoints sciencefantasy shopping spacecraft spacecraft-small staves stormtroopereffect stylized subterranean undefinedsetting voiceovers
Bully Rockstar Games (Rockstar Vancouver)2003 actionadventure bicycle bullies cancelled circadiancycle clothing fatigue friendshipbeatdown homosexuals kart minigames newengland school scooter skateboard tattoos teenprotagonist timechanges town usa uselessadults walking
Spyro: A Hero's Tail Vivendi Universal Games (Eurocom)2004 alternatingprotagonist animalpeople childprotagonist collectathon dragonprotagonist giantinsects gliding inbuilttraps ledges midairjumping minigames mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons rewardingvandalism savepoints secrets sprites spyro spyrothedragon teleport voiceovers