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Aliens versus Predator: Extinction (AvPE;Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction)  Electronic Arts (Zono)2003 alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens alternatecampaigns bodydragging cloaking control-individuals corpseharvesting deployables difficulty extraterrestrial future hatchers humanprotagonist interspecificconflict militantprotagonist militaryfiction movie otherworld permanentcorpses predator serious spacefaringage statuseffects tutorial upgrades-transient voiceovers
Predator: Concrete Jungle  Sierra Entertainment;VU Games (Eurocom Entertainment Software)2005 1930s 2030s 20thcentury 21stcentury alienprotagonist aliens city claws comic earth energyweapons future ledges meleeweapons nonlinearstory northamerica polearms predator rating-bbfc-18 rating-pegi-18 walkers