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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (JPOG)  VU Games;Konami (Blue Tongue Entertainment)2003 2000s 21stcentury amusementpark book cmsgame dinosaurs disease dynamicweather earth hunger island jurassicpark latemodernperiod mapgenerator movie needs npcanxiety present pseudocheats rain ramparts subtropic terraindeformation tropic weathereffects zoo
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (DCotE;邪神的呼唤:地球黑暗角落;Call of Cthulhu: Mroczne Zakątki Świata)  Bethesda Softworks;2K Games (Headfirst Productions)2005 1920s 20thcentury abominations actionadventure aimmode aliens amnesia amoeboids anxiety bleak cancelledseries cave childvictims contemporaryfantasy cthulhumythos darkfantasy death defenseless dementia discontinuity dynamicaccuracy earth eldritchabominations elevators energyweapons entangled falldamage fantasticearth fictionallocation firearms firstpersonshooter grotesque handguns healing-active health-multi heavyweather hotel ichthyoids injuries insaneprotagonist investigation investigatorprotagonist invisiblewalls involuntaryactions isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale laboratory lovecraftian magic-rare monsters mutants naturalhazards neutralnpcs newengland newgameplus northamerica obligation paranormal precisionrifles rain rating-pegi-18 sciencefantasy seamonsters serious shore sightavoidance siminsanity spoilertags stealth subterranean suicide suppression survivalhorror tentaclecreatures titlementioned town visions voiceovers voiceovers-full watercraft-location windy