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OpenExplore Triplefox (Triplefox)? 16thcentury 17thcentury adventurerprotagonist ageofdiscovery currency difficulty explorationgame group hunger limitedcapacity mapgenerator naturalistic otherworld past pygame pythonlanguage sdl serious tilebased town uncharted walking
Expedition: The New World  Slashware Interactive (Slashware Interactive)2011 1492 149x 15thcentury 16thcentury 17thcentury 18thcentury 19thcentury ageofdiscovery ageofsail alphafunding atlantic bludgeons bodyarmor bows cannons commercial currency download earlymodernperiod earth england fish fishing fogofwar gold group horses hunger inventory java lances license-proprietary lineofsight meleeweapons naturalistic northamerica ocean past pirates precisionrifles realprotagonist realworld resourceharvesting riding roguelike sandbox shopping spears swords uvl-platform-limitation warship watercraft-large
ANNO ONLINE  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Bluebyte)2013 15thcentury ageofdiscovery anno-series arabia asia asia-south browser citybuilding earlymodern-theme fame free2play gnacl india island mmog naturalistic nonnative oriental past steampowered tages tradesim trading
Expeditions: Conquistador bitComposer Entertainment (Logic Artists)2013 151x 152x 16thcentury 2ndmillennium ageofdiscovery ageofsail boxed combatmode commercial crowdfunded currency desura dialog-tree disease download drm earlymodernperiod earth gold grid grid-hex indie license-proprietary lineofsight lutris mesoamerican-theme mexico naturalistic nodrm northamerica past realworld steampowered tactical tacticalrpg trapping traps ubuntu unity-engine
Europa Universalis IV Paradox Interactive (Paradox Development Studio)2013 16thcentury 17thcentury 18thcentury 2ndmillennium acrossages ageofdiscovery ageofrevolution ageofsail clausewitzengine commercial desura download earlymodernperiod earth europauniversalis grandstrategy grid grid-irregular indie license-proprietary lutris mp-cooperative mp-versus napoleonicwars naturalistic ubuntu war
Europa Universalis II (Europa Universalis 2) Paradox Entertainment (Paradox Entertainment)2014 15thcentury 16thcentury 17thcentury 18thcentury 19thcentury acrossages ageofdiscovery ageofrevolution ageofsail americanrevolutionarywar dataexport dataimport earlymodernperiod earth europauniversalis europauniversalisengine europe grandstrategy grid grid-irregular napoleonicwars war
Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition Ozark Softscape (Ozark Softscape;SEGA Interactive Development Division)2014 1490s 15thcentury ageofdiscovery cityofgold commercial download earlymodernperiod earth gog iberia license-proprietary mapgenerator mythicallocation nonnative spain
The Curious Expedition Maschinen-Mensch (Maschinen-Mensch)2016 19thcentury ageofdiscovery ageofsail alphafunding commercial dinosaurs display-720p drm gog grid grid-hex humblewidget license-proprietary mapgenerator mintlinux nodrm opengl roguelite steampowered ubuntu