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The Legend of Sword and Fairy (SDLPAL;Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan;仙劍奇俠傳;仙剑奇侠传) author (author)2009 china sdl sdlpal
American History Lux  My Game Company;Sillysoft Games (Sillysoft Games)2009 1750s 1760s 1770s 1780s 1840s 1860s 18thcentury 1910s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1990s 19thcentury 20thcentury 2ndmillennium africa africa-north alabama alaska algeria americancivilwar americanrevolutionarywar australia austria belarus belgium bosnia bulgaria california cambodia canada china civilwar coldwar commercial connecticut croatia czechoslovakia demo denmark difficulty earth england estonia europe finland florida france frenchandindianwar georgia-usa germany greece greenland grid grid-irregular gulfwar hawaii herzegovina hungary illinois independencewar indiana iraq ireland italy japan java kentucky korea koreanwar kuwait langbrazil-port laos latvia license-proprietary lithuania louisiana maine massachusetts mexican-americanwar mexico militantprotagonist mississippi morocco netherlands newbrunswick newengland newhampshire newmexico northamerica northcarolina norway novascotia ontario oregon pacificwar past princeedwardisland quebec quintanaroo quitsave rhodeisland risk romania russia scotland serbia slovakia slovenia southcarolina spain stalematewar sweden switzerland tennessee texas tunisia turkey uk ukraine usa vermont vietnam vietnamwar war warfare warfare-air warfare-land warfare-sea washington worldwar worldwar1 worldwar2
Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage Origo Games (S-Game)2014 china commercial desura download earth indevelopment license-proprietary past ubuntu unity-engine wushu wuxia
Wild Season Quickfire Games (Quickfire Games)2014 animals autumnal books capacity-slots cattle chickens china cinematics clothing commercial consequences cooking currency datingsim dogs download earth farm farmsimulation femaleprotagonist forcedchoices forest friendship friendzoneengine genderchoice home homosexuals horseracing horses indoors inventory license-proprietary lifesimulation maleprotagonist marriage mp-crossplatform mp-versus multiengine ocean outdoors protagonistdesigning resourceharvesting rural seashells seasons seeds selectivebreeding sheep sliceoflife socialsimulation steampowered subterranean summery temple tilebased timemanagement ubuntu unity-engine wintery
Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong) Harebrained Schemes (Harebrained Schemes)2015 21stcentury actionsystem assaultrifles china city commercial crowdfunded cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgs dialog-actions dialog-sentences doors drm dystopian earth elves fantasticearth femaleprotagonist firearms future futureearth genderchoice goblinoids gog grenades hackers hacking handguns hongkong interactivedialogs inventory keycodes license-proprietary lowtech-future lutris magic meleeweapons neutralnpcs nodrm orcs robots saveanywhere sciencefantasy shadowrun shopping steampowered tactical taiwan trolls ubuntu unity-engine virtualreality walking
Soulslayer: The Wedding Eve (Soulslayer~灭魂·误佳期~)  NVLMaker ;Saltytata Studio (开水工作室;Open water studio)2017 china commercial download earth femaleprotagonist landtraditionalchinese langchinesesimpl license-proprietary multipleendings opengl opengl-2-0 past steamos steampowered ubuntu unlockablecontent visualnovel voiceovers
Soulslayer: The Wedding Eve (Soulslayer~灭魂·误佳期~) Soulslayer;NVLMaker (Open water studio;开水工作室)2017 china commercial download earth femaleprotagonist landtraditionalchinese langchinesesimpl license-proprietary multipleendings opengl opengl-2-0 past soulslayerseries steamos steampowered ubuntu unlockablecontent visualnovel voiceovers