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Dungeon Inc Remar Games (Remar Games)? citybuilding grid-hex monsters subterranean
Free Reign (FreeReign)  - (-)? citybuilding uvl-searchelp x11
Open City (OpenCity)  author (author)? citybuilding cpplanguage ogre-engine opengl sdl uvl-searchelp
Quiet Console Town (QCT)  author (author)? citybuilding magic medieval pygame pythonlanguage
Tales of Tamar author (author)? citybuilding dragons dwarves elves grid grid-hex humans magic medieval orcs otherworld present taxes weefolk
SimCity for X11 (X11 SimCity) DUX Software (Maxis)1993 citybuilding clanguage naturaldisasters platformreference simcity sparc uvl-searchelp x11
Lincity (xlincity)  - (-)1995 citybuilding langcatalan ubuntu
SimCity 3000 Unlimited (Sim City 3000)  Loki;SuSE (Maxis;Loki)2000 citybuilding commercial demo energydistribution firesuppression license-proprietary sdl simcity ubuntu uvl-searchelp waterdistribution
Mobility: A City in Motion (Mobility: Und Ihre Stadt Bewegt Sich)  Wacky Germans (Glamus)2001 2000s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium city citybuilding currency demo difficulty download earth latemodernperiod license-proprietary offscreenaction present research traffic ubuntu
Dwarf Fortress (Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) Bay 12 Games (Bay 12 Games)2006 4ormoreresources autosaves-periodic builders cannibalism children citybuilding clockpunk collapsingceiling colonysim constructing crafting customtriggers desura download dragons dwarvenprotagonist dwarves elves familyproject fanfunding fmod fortress fortresssimulation ghosts goblins godgame harvesters highfantasy hunger internaldamage itemgenerator killerrabbits layers layers-interactive logicgates lutris mapgenerator materials monsters naturalhazards nocampaign nostory opengl openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting persistentworld resourceharvesting roguelike sandbox sdl shieldbash skeletons stealing subterranean survivalsimulation town undead undertaking undirected vorbis weefolk weefolkprotagonist workers zombies zoning
Lincity-NG  author (author)2007 citybuilding devfork opengl physfs sdl ubuntu
Micropolis (OLPC SimCity)  Don Hopkins (Don Hopkins)2008 citybuilding cpplanguage energydistribution fedora license-gpl mapgenerator olpc pretendre pythonlanguage simcity tcl ubuntu uvl-searchelp x11 x86 x86-64
Caesaria (CaesarAI) rdt.32 (rdt.32)2012 citybuilding commercial cpplanguage download free2play indie license-gpl3 license-proprietary sdl steampowered ubuntu
Goblin Camp author (author)2012 citybuilding disease goblins license-gpl3 roguelike tilebased
Towns SMP (SMP)2012 alphafunding citybuilding commercial crowdfunded desura download fanfunding indie license-proprietary monsters staticpixelscale steampowered x86 x86-64 zoning
Shores of Hazeron Software Engineering (Software Engineering)2012 aerodyne bizarrecreatures citybuilding fullbodyawareness helicopter license-proprietary mmog riding rockets rotorcraft spacecraft spacecraft-large spacecraft-small submarines ubuntu watercraft
I, Mayor coffee mug games (coffee mug games)2012 citybuilding customengine desura download
Tribal Hero  author (author)2012 citybuilding classicalantiquity earth mmog naturalistic past
Shunned Survivor author (author)2012 citybuilding currency energyweapons grid grid-square license-publicdomain pygame pythonlanguage researching resourceharvesting sourcecodeavailable towerdefense
Admiral NEMO Applejuice Studio (Applejuice Studio)2013 artillery citybuilding commercial dirigibles download island license-proprietary militantprotagonist naturalistic ocean rockets steampowered steampunk ubuntu underwater warfare-air warfare-sea watercraft
ANNO ONLINE  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Bluebyte)2013 15thcentury ageofdiscovery anno-series arabia asia asia-south browser citybuilding earlymodern-theme fame free2play gnacl india island mmog naturalistic nonnative oriental past steampowered tages tradesim trading
Gnomoria Robotronic Games (Robotronic Games)2013 basebuilding builders circadiancycle citybuilding cottoncrop destructibleworld desura digging drm farming femaleprotagonist genderchoice gnomes gog indirectcontrol livestock maleprotagonist mapgenerator milk mines nodrm priorities prospecting ramparts resourceharvesting sandbox strawberries subterranean weefolk yaks
Steam Bandits: Outpost Iocaine Studios (Iocaine Studios)2013 citybuilding commercial crowdfunded dirigibles download flyingislands free2play indie license-proprietary pirates resourceharvesting steampowered town ubuntu unity-engine
Battle Mines (Erik Walle's Battle Mines)  Red Asteroid Games (Red Asteroid Games)2013 citybuilding customengine free2play license-proprietary mmog persistentworld
Legends of Aethereus (LoA)  ThreeGates Studio (ThreeGates Studio)2013 alphafunding blocking charactercreation citybuilding classbased commercial crafting crepuscularrays crowdfunded csharplanguage customization desura dirigibles dodging download enemyhealthdisplay explosives femaleprotagonist fxaa genderchoice grenades humblewidget indie inventory jumping license-proprietary lightbloom lowfantasy maleprotagonist mapgenerator meleeweapons mp-cooperative mp-versus nodrm presetmaps protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-body protagonistdesigning-face pvp serialkey ssao steampowered swords ubuntu unity-engine walking