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Captain Forever (Captain Jameson;Captain Forever Remix)  Pixelsaurus (Pixelsaurus;Future Crayon)2009 capacity-unlimited capturedresources commercial customengine designing-freeform download free2play juryrigging license-proprietary opensolutions physics space spacecraft vehicledesigning
Contested Space  Contested Space Corporation (Contested Space Corporation)2014 bizarrearchitecture buildingdesigning commercial designing-freeform download indevelopment license-proprietary marketfluctuation mmog persistentworld playereconomy sandbox slowprojectiles space spacecraftcombat strayfire supplyanddemand ugc vehicledesigning
Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat Moment Studio (Moment Studio)2015 canon crowdfunded designing-freeform firearms physics vehicledesigning vehicularcombat
Besiege Spiderling Studios (Spiderling Studios)2015 alphafunding constructionpuzzle designing-freeform driving gog indevelopment splatter steampowered uvl-confusable vehicledesigning