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Heroes of Newerth (HoN;Savage: Heroes of Newerth)  S2 Games;Frostburn Studios (S2 Games;Frostburn Studios)2010 announcer aoeindicator autocast autolevelup awesomium baseincome bleak brittleabilities buyundo comboactions compplay corpseactions deployablesensors derivedstatistics desaturated desperatepower elephantoids endlessopposition forcedpolymorph forcedteleport fractionals free2play friendlyfire-purposeful importedglitch itemcharges itemrecharging k2engine languagefilter levelcap leveleditor lutris magic manaburn markers mentoring minibosses moba mode-practice mp-nodupes mp-npcallies mp-pause mp-ranked mp-rejoin mp-spectating mp-teams mp-voting netranking newerth nocamerapan nonsensicalgear nontolkienian nostrayfire opengl opengl-2-0 playerreporting preloading pvp pvpve realclock resourcedenial ricochetingattacks rooting sciencefantasy screenshake selfduplication selfupdate sorcery stunlock stunning tactical tagging teamawareness teleswap ursinoids vanityitems vibrant voicechat vorbis wildcardeqslots
Dota 2 (Dota 2 Reborn) Valve (Valve)2013 abilitycharges adv-perks ambientcreatures announcer antiepilepsy aoeindicator attributedrain autocast baseincome bloodless brittleabilities broodlings caricature censored centauroids colorblind comboactions commercial compplay deathrecap decoupledresolution demons deployablesensors derivedstatistics desperatepower download dragons dwarves elementals elves esports fatties fogofwar forcedaggro forcedpolymorph forcedteleport fractionals friendlyfire-purposeful giants giantspiders golems hugeweapons ichthyoids importedglitch inorganics insectoids inventory itemcharges itemrecharging levelcap liches lifepowered livingwater lua lutris magic manaburn markers mentoring microtransactions minibosses moba monsters mp-friends mp-nodupes mp-npcallies mp-pause mp-ranked mp-rejoin mp-spectating mp-teams mp-voting mystics nocamerapan nonsensicalgear nontolkienian nostrayfire npcstunning openal openbeta opengl percentagedamage playercommendations playerreporting plethoraofreferences powerups pvpve regionlocked replays resourcedenial robots rooting sciencefantasy selfduplication selfupdate skeletons sorcery source2engine sourceengine ssao steampowered stunlock stunning summoning teamawareness teleswap textmacros tutorial ubuntu ugc undead ursinoids voicechat voicemacros vulkanapi walking weefolk wildcardeqslots