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The Great Sarah Wiener Kochspiel (Das große Sarah Wiener Kochspiel) Villa Hirschberg (Villa Hirschberg)2009 cdrom commercial digitizedimages keyboard license-proprietary mouse osx osx-5 ppc x86
World of Warcraft (WOW) Linux Game Publishing (Linux Game Publishing;Blizzard)2013 4thwallbroken abilitycriticals arcanepunk bittorrent centauroids circlingbirdies clansystem classbased controlmalfunction criticalchance direanimals druids elevatedglitch elves emotes enchanting group-super groupbuffs highfantasy homingboulders hudcustomization indevelopment ingamebrowser interrupting jigglephysics jumpingpuzzles killaward-firsthit languagefilter lua magic manaburn mmog moderationbenefit mpinstances multilevelsecurity mystics notpublished orcs osx osx-3 owlbears paladins parentalcontrols piecemealcreatures powernegation ragers sciencefantasy screenshake shapeshifters socketables sorcery stylized subscription threatsystem uvl-tiein war warcraft wow xml xp-exploration
BOOR Badland Games (DazlogStudio)2017 commercial download indie license-proprietary osx osx-7 steamcontroller steampowered