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BioShock  2K Games (2K Boston;2K Australia)2007 1960s 20thcentury aaa alcohol alternatetimeline anticipatorystockpiles arcology arcwords atlantic biopunk bioshock-series biotechnology catastrophe chargers cheapdeath children childvictims city conductivewater crossbows dark diaries displacementfiction doors dystopian earth eviloverlord facelessprotagonist falseending firearms firstpersonshooter freewill gameoftheyear gimmick glowingveins grotesque hacking handguns havokphysics humanexperiments identitycrisis immersivesim implants indoors irony isolatedlocale isolationists itempickup-instant jumping livingweapons madscience mannequins mcbestgameaward mindcontrol moralchoices namelessprotagonist oldskoolsurveillance openal peopleresources photographing physx propaganda protectioncomplex purpleprose ragers retrofuture robots roses ruins science-theme sequence-defend shopping simonsays smokes sorcery spectres spiritualsuccessor stranded syringes technofantasy technology-theme technomagic tommygun transhumanism turrets underwater underwaterfacility unethicalscience unrealengine3 upgrades-permanent upgradesystem walking walkingarmory watery weaponupgrades