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Shrek the Third Activision (7 Studios)2007 1480s 15thcentury 2ndmillennium dreamworks humanoidprotagonist maleprotagonist movie nonhumanprotagonist past rewardingvandalism shrek unarmedfighting
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Warner Bros. Interactive (Red Tribe)2007 anthropomorphicanimals anthroprotagonist lagomorphprotagonist looneytunes maleprotagonist midairjumping uvl-tiein
Secret Service Activision (Tigon)2008 city city-washington-dc compass earth firearms firstpersonshooter handguns healthwarning leaning maleprotagonist militantprotagonist northamerica usa
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Activision (Shaba Games)2008 ceilingtraversal city maleprotagonist pseudo3d retrypoints rooftops spiderman superhero-theme wallclimbing walltraversal
Jumper: Griffin's Story  Brash Entertainment (Red Tribe;Collision Studios)2008 maleprotagonist mcdudaward meleeweapons teleport uvl-tiein
Far Cry 2 (FC2;FarCry2)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montréal)2008 2000s 21stcentury aaa africa aimmode ambx ammomagazines anatomicdamage animals antiheroprotagonist arid armedvehicle assaultrifles autosavepoints ballistics bombs briefcases buggy burning camouflage capacity-toolslots captives circadiancycle collectibles communicator controlconfig coupdegrace cpplanguage crewtargeting currency-unusual damageindicator damageovertime dartguns depthoffield derelictgraveyard destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame disease distortedvision doors drifting driving duniaengine dynamicweather earth ejecting endlessopposition environment-animate explosiveobjects falldamage farcry fasttravel fasttravel-points firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers flaregun fog forest freelancing friendlyfire gems genderdiscrepancy grenadelaunchers grenades handguns hangglider hdrlighting healingitems healingstations healthregen healthregen-stunted heathaze hiding hud-dynamic humid incendiarygrenades ironsights itemdurability itemglow jeep jumping killingblow knives ladders landvehicle latemodernperiod leveleditor lightbloom limitedcapacity lives locationaldamage machineguns machinepistols maleprotagonist malfunctioning map mediaindrive mercenaries mercenaryprotagonist mp-customport mp-dm mp-teams mp-undefined multiseaters netframework neutralnpcs nonlinear npcinjuries npcspawning objectiveindicator openworld openworld-restricted optionaltasks plains precisionrifles premadecharacters present publictransit quazal racechoice rain realisticshotguns recoil reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators repairing resting river roadsigns rockets safezone saveanywhere savepoints scenic secrets segmentedhealth serious shantytown shopping shotguns singlegenderopposition solomission staining stamina stash stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound submachineguns subtropic swimming syringes telescope thermalweapons thickvegetation thoroughfares town trampling trespassing tropic turrets unrelatedsequel upgrades-other upgradesystem vehiclecrew walking war wasteland weaponupgrades wheeledvehicle wildfire wildlife
Risen  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2009 1life 2hmeleeweapons achillesheelfoes adv-intermediary adv-objects adv-ptdistr adv-static alcohol altruism animals attrbasedeq autorun axes ballistics beggars blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bows canines capacity-unlimited cave chargedattack chemistry circadiancycle compass containers cooking corpselooting counterattacks coupdegrace crafting crepuscularrays criminalactivity crossbows defensebreaking depthoffield dialog-sentences difficulty difficulty-ingame displacementfiction dock dodging doors drugs dynamicweather enemyhealthdisplay energyitems falldamage fallimpact forest giantbirds graverobbing healingitems healingstations holstering humanoids inbuilttraps insectoids interactivedialogs inventory island itemglow jewelry jumping keys knockback lawenforcers ledges lockpicking magic magicrings maleprotagonist map mapdeficient medieval meleeweapons mockfights monastery monsters noenergyregen nohealthregen npcschedules obscuredtime obsoletedassets optionaltasks outlaws pickpocketing polearms potions premadeprotagonist projectilerecovery prospecting prostitutes quake quickkeys resting risen-series roadsigns ruins scavenging screenshake scrolls serious shallowwater shields shopping singlegenderopposition skeletons sorcery spears ssao staves stealing stealth stranded subterranean swords tages tasktracker thickvegetation threatdisplay titlementioned town trespassing tropic tunnels tutorial undead walking xp-deeds xp-kills xp-objects
Deadly Premonition (Red Seeds Profile;レッドシーズプロファイル)  Ignition;Marvelous Entertainment;Rising Star Games (Access Games)2010 actionadventure addiction aimmode bludgeons capacity-slots chapterreplay chapters circadiancycle city clothing collectibles crates dartsgame detectivemystery difficulty discoloredblood dissolvingcorpses doors driving dynamicweather earth eccentricprotagonist elevatorbattle espionage explosiveobjects fatigue fauxserious fbi fictionalcity firearms fishing flamethrowers flashbacks flawedprotagonist forest handguns healing healing-instant healingitems hiding hospital hunger hygiene idlenoise improvisedweapons indicator-poi injuries insaneprotagonist inventory investigatorprotagonist itemglow knives lawenforcerprotagonist maleprotagonist map meleeweapons minigames monologues monsters nojumping objectiveindicator openworld optionaltasks paidkilling parallelreality paranormal playerstats precisionrifles present quicktimeevent rating-bbfc-15 rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-18 reload-auto reload-manual resting retrypoints rewardingvandalism savepoints shopping shotguns singlesave smokes soukoban splatter stamina stationaryattack submachineguns survivalhorror swords thermalweapons town usa visions waiting walking xbydifferentname zombies
Red Dead Redemption  Rockstar Games (Rockstar San Diego)2010 actionadventure gameoftheyear gtalike maleprotagonist openworld parentprotagonist reddead-series spouseprotagonist western
Front Mission Evolved (フロントミッション エボルヴ)  Square Enix;Ubisoft (Double Helix Games)2010 2170s 21stcentury antarctica arcade city earth frontmission future genrechange locationalhealth maleprotagonist mecha megastructure mp-teams rating-cero-c rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 slowmotion vehiclecustomization walker walkers wintery
Enslaved (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West)  Namco Bandai (Ninja Theory)2010 2160s 22ndcentury actionadventure blocking chasms city-newyork-ny companion earth energyshields future healthpickups hitflash hud-explained itemglow ladders maleprotagonist meleeweapons minefield nohealthregen northamerica polearms postapocalypse rating-cero-c rating-pegi-16 retelling robots ruins scenic shieldregen slavery sweepingstrikes taunting xiyouji
Vanquish  Sega (Platinum Games)2010 assaultrifles beamweapons bishopring bossbattles capacity-toolslots coversystem difficulty dodging energyweapons experimentaltechnology fanservice-tech firearms grenades limitedcapacity maidenvoyage maleprotagonist megastructure objectiveindicator overheating powerarmor radar radialblur reload-auto reload-manual robots rockets score shotguns skipnoninteractive slowmotion tumbling tutorial
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes)  Ubisoft (Capybara Games)2011 alternatingprotagonist angels ashan combatmode demonicinvasion demons dragons druids elves femaleprotagonist forest ghosts golems gremlins grid grid-square gryphons highfantasy hybridgame knights magic maleprotagonist match3 mightandmagic recruiting teenprotagonist treants undead undeadprotagonist unicorns vampires visualmatching xblm zombies
Outland  Ubisoft (Housemarque)2011 backtracking maleprotagonist metroidvania orangeblue silhouetted
Hunted: The Demon's Forge  Bethesda Softworks (inXile Entertainment)2011 actionadventure axes bows crossbows dedicatedclient elvenprotagonist elves femaleprotagonist humanoidprotagonist humanprotagonist magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mpfocus nplayers rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 shields swords unrealengine3 walking
Batman: Arkham City  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment;Square Enix (Rocksteady Studios)2011 achillesheelfoes actionadventure aimmode airducts alternatingprotagonist ambientocclusion arkhamcombat autosavepoints backstabbing batman batman-arkham caltrops captives challenges city cleargame collectibles combobonuses compass conspiracy constrainedlocale counselor coupdegrace cryogenicweapons dccomics difficulty disarming distortedvision dodging doors doubleentendres earth eliteprotagonist factory famousprotagonist fanservice femaleprotagonist fictionallocation gadgets gianthumanoids grapplinghook guidedweapons hacking hypermuscles interactivetriggers ladders lasso ledges lostresources lunatics maleprotagonist map mercenaries metroidvania museum mutants neutralnpcs newgameplus news nofalldamage nonlethal nonlinear northamerica npcanxiety npcarming objectiveindicator openworld optionaltasks outlaws personalquest physx policestation postcombatrestoration pressureplates prison privatemilitarycompanies radiotap rage rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 roguesgallery shapeshifters sharks slums smokegrenades snipers speedtree spoilertags stealth stunguns stunning suicide temple thrownweapons titlementioned titularcharacter titularlocale tower tumbling tyrant unarmedfighting unlockable-modes upgradesystem uvl-tiein vigilanteprotagonist walking weirdvision whips wwise xrayvision ziplines zoom
Jurassic Park: The Game Telltale Games (Telltale Games)2011 alternatingprotagonist amusementpark autosavepoints bloodless branchingstory centralamerica chapters childprotagonist children consequences costarica death dinosaurs earth episodic escape femaleprotagonist fictionallocation island isolatedlocale jurassicpark maleprotagonist mercenaryprotagonist middleagedprotagonist movie multiprotagonists narrativedriven nudity-inhuman parentprotagonist poinavigation powerplant present quicktimeevent rating-esrb-t recurringopponent scientists selfcensorship separated singlesave smokes speech-spanish stranded teenprotagonist tutorial zoo
Trine 2  Atlus (Frozenbyte)2011 3ormoreplayers actionadventure adv-ptdistr autosavepoints ballistics bioluminescence blocking bludgeons bows carnivorousplants castle charging collectibles colorful contrasted crepuscularrays deadlydecor disappearingplatforms dragons elasticsurfaces envcombat femaleprotagonist forest ghosts giantgastropods giantmonsters giantspiders goblinoids goblins grapplinghook hapticfeedback hintsystem indie instantkillers interactivetriggers inventory juggernauts jumppads launcher lethalobjects magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons minibosses mp-cooperative multikeyboard multipointer newgameplus physics playerexposition portals puzzlebosses rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 retrypoints ropeswinging rotatingplatforms scenic secrets shields sorcery stereoscopic subterranean swimming swords telekinesis thrownweapons titlementioned titularobject trine-series trineverse undead unlimitedammo vibrant voicechat walking wetland xblm xp-kills xp-objects
Risen 2: Dark Waters  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2012 earlymodern-theme gunpowderfantasy historicalfantasy maleprotagonist monsters npcschedules pirate-theme pirates premadeprotagonist rating-pegi-16 risen-series trivialresearch tropic
Deadfall Adventures Nordic Games (The Farm 51)2013 1930s 20thcentury actionadventure adventurerprotagonist africa allanquatermain arctic book centralamerica compass contemporaryfantasy cpplanguage crates dualwielding earth egypt envcombat firearms guatemala handguns lamp maleprotagonist mesoamerican-theme paranormal precisionrifles ruins temple undead unskippablenoninteraction
Risen 3: Titan Lords  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2014 1life abilitycooldown actionrpg adv-intermediary adv-ptdistr aircontrol alcohol alligators ambientcreatures animals apples armwrestling asymmetriccreatures autorun autosavepoints bananas beach bigcats bioluminescence birds blackpearls blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles capacity-unlimited cave chapters chargedabilities chargedattack chargers chemistry circadiancycle containers cooking corpselooting counterattacks crafting crafting-sites crepuscularrays crocodilians crossbows crystals currency damagetypes dark-limited dashing demons depthoffield dialog-sentences difficulty difficulty-ingame dock dodging doors druids ducks enemyhealthdisplay environment-animate factions falldamage fasttravel fasttravel-points finiteopposition firearms fish flying foraging forest fruits fungus-mushrooms genderdiscrepancy giantcrustaceans giantinsects giantspiders gnomes goblinoids goblins golems gorillas handguns headswapping healing healingitems healingstations healthregen herbs holstering hostilewildlife insectoids insects interactivedialogs interrupting intimidation inventory island itemglow itemglow-manual itempickup-normal jewelry jumping jungle karma keys knockback ladders lamp lava lightbloom lockpicking lostpowers lostresources magic magic-sigils magic-somatic magicrings maleprotagonist map meleeweapons middleagedprotagonist mine minigames minimap monsters mystics namelessprotagonist neutralmonsters nochildren noshoprestocking npclooting npcschedules npcstrife obscuredtime openworld optionaltasks outlaws parrots parrying persistentworld physx pickaxe pickpocketing pirateprotagonist pirates plethoraofreferences potions powerups premadeprotagonist primates prospecting rating-pegi-16 rebornprotagonist recipes recipes-mandatory recurrence-character resting risen-series rp-levelless ruins safepowers sauroids saveanywhere scavenging scenic scrolls seamonsters serious sex shapeshifting shopping shore shotguns skeletons skinning sorcery spectres speedtree spiders stealing stealth stealthmode subterranean summoning swimming swords targetident targetlock tasktracker telekinesis teleport temporarycompanions testudines threatdisplay throwingknives thrownweapons town traps treasurehunt trespassing tropic unarmedfighting undead vendortrash volumetriclighting voodoo walking walkingarmory wasteland watercraft watercraft-large watercraft-location watercraft-small waterfalls wetland wilderness wildlife woundless xp-deeds xp-kills
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (メタルギアソリッドV ファントムペイン)  Konami (Kojima Productions)2015 actionadventure assaultrifles circadiancycle difficulty difficulty-mockery firearms handguns maleprotagonist map metalgear militantprotagonist openworld stealth telescope