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LIMBO  Playdead (Playdead)2010 chapterreplay cinematicplatformer controlmalfunction dark deadlydecor deadlywater defenseless fallimpact giantinsects giantspiders grantfunded indie insectoids instantstart interactivetriggers ladders langinsignificant ledges nohud nordicgameprogram platformexclusive rating-esrb-t ropeswinging sessilecreatures shallowwater silhouetted xblm
Outland  Ubisoft (Housemarque)2011 backtracking maleprotagonist metroidvania orangeblue silhouetted
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (ITSP)  Microsoft Studios (Shadow Planet Productions;Fuelcell Games;Gagne International)2011 alienprotagonist amoeboids autosavepoints backtracking collectibles energyweapons flyingsaucers grapplers hapticfeedback langinsignificant metroidvania mp-cooperative nohumans otherworld radialmenu rating-esrb-e silhouetted tentaclecreatures underwater unlimitedammo xblm