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XCOM: Enemy Unknown  2K Games (Firaxis Games)2012 actioncamera actionsystem aiadvantage alieninvasion alienmenace aliens aoeindicator combatautoloot coversystem criticalchance destructibleenvironment doors earth energyweapons firearms friendlyfire grenades healing hitchance karmiccreatures laserbolts laserweapons militaryfiction mindcontrol minionpermadeath mp-lms multinationalorganization noncanon orangeblue outofturnactions overworld persistentminions pointofnoreturn psychicpowers rating-acb-ma15 rating-bbfc-12 rating-esrb-m rating-grb-18 rating-gsrr-r rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-16 reboot rpgelements sequelhook stunguns stunning tactical technofantasy timedturns toxins training uniqueminions vendortrash viralcreatures visualizedtrajectory wildfire windowentry xcom-2012reboot xcom-series
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (XCOM)  2K Games (2K Marin)2013 1960s 20thcentury aimmode alieninvasion alienmenace alternatetimeline beamweapons decoys doppelgangers earth enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons explainedthirdperson finiteopposition firearms flanking forcefields formervaporware group group-leader healthregen humanresources jargon laserbolts laserweapons levelselection metaprotagonist militaryfiction noncanon northamerica postcombatrestoration rating-acb-ma15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 resuscitation robots slowmotion technofantasy town turrets unrealengine3 uvl-workingtitle walking xcom-series zoom
XCOM: Enemy Within Commander Edition  2K Games (Firaxis Games)2013 biotechnology collaborationists combatautoloot criticalchance cyborgs experimentaltechnology hitchance laserweapons mindcontrol minionpermadeath morale noncanon overworld psychicpowers rating-acb-ma15 rating-esrb-m rating-grb-18 rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-16 steampowered suicide uniqueminions windowentry xcom-2012reboot xcom-series