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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  Nintendo (EAD Software Development Group 3)2006 achillesheelfoes acquiesceport actionadventure actionchaining amphitheatre anticipatorystockpiles awardgdcwriting ballistics beneficialcurse bizarrecreatures bossbattles bows bridge capacity-unlimited caricature carnivorousplants cemetery children chosenone city clingers counselor crawltunnels currency dark-limited directionalforce directionalforce-tilt directionalforce-wind dollyzoom domesticcats doors elvenprotagonist elves explosives fakesurfaces fish flyingcity forest gameoftheyear geysers giantinsects giantspiders healthwarning herding horses humanoidprotagonist humans illequipped inventory itemget jumping keys ladders lamp launchtitle lightbridges lutris mcbestgameaward meleeweapons metroidvania monsters mountain nudity-inhuman paletteswapping papercharms plains plantcreatures playermodality playerschoice postalservice powercorrupts prehensilehair rapidmovementplants rating-esrb-t rebornprotagonist remotecontrol rewardingvandalism riding robots rocketjumping ruins secrets shieldbash shinto shopping skeletons sledding speakwithanimals stonemen subterranean swords toopopular town traproom treants trees undead unexpectedsituation upsidedown walking wasteland watercraft-small weirdos wiinunchuk wildboars wintery zelda zelda-universe
Ōkami (大神;Okami)  Capcom (Clover Studio;Ready at Dawn)2008 4thwallbroken actionadventure adv-xpdistr aimassist ancientenemy animalprotagonist animateobjects arthouse avianoids bellyofawhale blobshadows bloodmoon bossbattles burrowers canidaeprotagonist capacity-unlimited centauroids chargedattack circadiancycle city clergy combatmode counselor curse darkisevil darkness-theme deities demons derelict difficulty-single digging dissolvingitems dodging doppelgangers dragons dragons-eastern drawing evilisgood excretion fishing forest ghosts giantinsects giantmonsters godlingprotagonist highfantasy humanmonsters hydrae incarnateddivines inventory invisiblewalls island japanesemythology jigglephysics magic midairjumping monsters mythicalprotagonist mythicfiction nature-theme newgameplus npcspawning oddappliances okami-series plethoraofreferences polycephalids portals precursors puzzlebosses quicktimeevent recurringopponent religion religion-shinto restoration retelling rewardingvandalism robots ruins savepoints sciencefantasy seamonsters selfsacrifice shapeshifters shinto shopping silentprotagonist sorcery spacecraft-location spacedemons speech-gibberish speedbuildup stylized substitutespeaker subterranean supernaturalprotagonist swimming timecontrol timetravel titlementioned titularcharacter town transformingpresence tutorial underwater unnoticedbynormals vendortrash vernal walljumping whips windcontrol windmills wintery wolves xp-deeds
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword  Nintendo (Nintendo EAD)2011 achillesheelfoes actionadventure aimmode anatomicdamage anticipatorystockpiles autojumping ballistics bathroom bloodless bossbattles bows bridge bullies capacity-unlimited carnivorousplants cemetery chargedattack chiroptera chosenone consistentdamage counselor crawltunnels crosshair currency defensebreaking demons dissolvingcorpses doors dreams earth elvenprotagonist elves energyweapons falldamage fallimpact fatigue flying flyingislands forest giantinsects giantscorpions harmfultouch healingitems healthwarning horses humanoidprotagonist independentaim inventory itemdurability itemget itempickup-attract itempickup-auto itempickup-tools jocks jumping keys ladders limitedcapacity locationaldamage magic mechanicalvoice meleeweapons militantprotagonist molemen moles monsters mountain nocrosshair periodicdangers plains plantcreatures playerstats potions powerups radialmenu rapidmovementplants rebornprotagonist resting rewardingvandalism riding ropeswinging ruins savepoints secrets sentientartefact shields shopping skeletons skydiving stamina stonemen subterranean swords targetlock timetravel town traproom treants tutorial upgrades-health visions walking wallrunning wasteland wiimotionplus windmills woundless zelda zelda-universe