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PAYDAY: The Heist (Payday: The He!st) Sony Online Entertainment (OVERKILL Software)2011 3ormoreplayers accuracy-motion accuracy-posture achievements achievements-public achillesheelfoes aimmode ammowarning apartmentbuilding assaultrifles bank bridge brigandprotagonist captiveexchange captives city cooperation criminalactivity daringenterprise dieselengine difficulty distortedvision dynamicaccuracy endlessopposition equipment-preselect fakenames firearms genericpickups gunclubbing handguns healthbuffer healthregen hordegame imprisoning ironsights itemglow lawenforcers limitedsupplies locationinfo machinepistols masks mines mp-bots mp-cooperative mp-crossaddon mp-dropin mpfocus naturalistic noantagonist noncombpenalty nplayers objectiveindicator officebuilding optionaltasks outlawprotagonist payday-series playerprogression precisionrifles randomentry randomlocations randomtaskdetails rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 reload-manual resuscitation score sequence-defend sequence-stealth shotguns slaughterhouse submachineguns teamawareness timelimit unlockable-items uvl-missingimages visiblelasers voicechat wadsofcash walking windowentry
PAYDAY 2 505 Games (OVERKILL Software)2013 3ormoreplayers achievements achievements-public adv-ptdistr aimmode assaultrifles bodyarmor brigandprotagonist chromaticaberration city club conversion cooperation criminalactivity daringenterprise deployablesensors depthoffield dieselengine difficulty dodgechance equipment-preselect firearms gunclubbing handguns healthbuffer hordegame lawenforcers lightfx liveactors masks mines missionbased modularequipment mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-rejoin mpfocus naturalistic outlawprotagonist overburdening payday-series randomlocations reload-manual respec resuscitation screenshake shotguns singlegender stamina submachineguns voicechat windowentry