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Assassin's Creed (AC1)  Ubisoft Entertainment (Ubisoft Montreal)2007 12thcentury 2010s 21stcentury aaa actionadventure aesop ahistoric alternatetimeline antiheroprotagonist antivillain arabia asia asia-west assassinprotagonist assassinscreed automap autosavepoints backstabbing bloodlines book chasing city-acre-il city-damascus-sy city-jerusalem-il clandestine cliffhanger compass consequentialism counterattacks crowds cruelty difficulty-single earth eliteprotagonist equipment-predefined espionage factualinaccuracy falsehistory future geneticmemory glitchvisuals healthregen healthregen-fast hiding hillland historicallyinaccurate holstering horses ideology indicator-poi jumping katar killingblow map megacorps meleeweapons nazcalines neutralnpcs openworld openworld-restricted palestine parkour past pickpocketing precursors prostitutes rating-cero-z redeemingbeatdown riding rooftops safezone search secretsociety serious singlegenderopposition stealth stealth-sight subtitledeficient suppression swords syria templar thrownweapons torture tutorial unrestrictedviolence vagrants virtualreality walking wallclimbing warriorprotagonist
Assassin's Creed II (Assassin’s Creed 2;AC2)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2009 15thcentury 2010s aaa actionadventure aesop alternatetimeline antivillain anvilengine armcannons assassinprotagonist assassinscreed automap backstabbing balancebeams beggars bloodlines bludgeons bodydragging brothel chasing city city-florence-it city-venice-it clandestine corpselooting counterattacks cpplanguage criminalactivity crowds dataimport dataimport-unlocks difficulty-single disarming dodging doubleentendres earlymodernperiod earth enemyhealthdisplay erraticlanguage estate europe fallimpact falsehistory fasttravel future geneticmemory glitchvisuals grappling healingitems healingstations hiding highbornprotagonist horizontalbars indicator-poi indicator-threat interfacespoilers inversekinematics italy itemglow jumping knives ladders launcher ledges letterbox mansion map megacorps meleeweapons mercenaries minimap multilingual multitools neutralnpcs nohealthregen openworld optionaltasks outlaws parkour past pickpocketing prologue prostitutes quicktimeevent radar rating-cero-z recurrence-character redeemingbeatdown revenge riding rooftops safeledges secretconflict secretsociety sequence-defend sequence-timed sequence-vehicle sexindustry shallowwater shopping singlegenderopposition smokegrenades speech-italian splatter stealing stealth stealth-sight steppingstones stockfootage stumbling swimming swords targetlock taunting templar threatdisplay throwingknives timeskip trespassing unarmedfighting undefinedelements unrestrictedviolence virtualreality walking wallclimbing walljumping youngadultprotagonist
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2010 15thcentury aaa actionadventure alternatetimeline anvilengine assassinprotagonist assassinscreed bloodlines city city-rome-it clandestine cpplanguage criminalactivity dodging earlymodernperiod earth erraticlanguage europe falsehistory highbornprotagonist horizontalbars italy jumping ladders langnorse ledges meleeweapons parkour rating-esrb-m rooftops stealth swords tasteofpower unrestrictedviolence walking wallclimbing