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Far Cry 2 (FC2;FarCry2)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montréal)2008 2000s 21stcentury aaa africa aimmode ambx ammomagazines anatomicdamage animals antiheroprotagonist arid armedvehicle assaultrifles autosavepoints ballistics bombs briefcases buggy burning camouflage capacity-toolslots captives circadiancycle collectibles communicator controlconfig coupdegrace cpplanguage crewtargeting currency-unusual damageindicator damageovertime dartguns depthoffield derelictgraveyard destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame disease distortedvision doors drifting driving duniaengine dynamicweather earth ejecting endlessopposition environment-animate explosiveobjects falldamage farcry fasttravel fasttravel-points firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers flaregun fog forest freelancing friendlyfire gems genderdiscrepancy grenadelaunchers grenades handguns hangglider hdrlighting healingitems healingstations healthregen healthregen-stunted heathaze hiding hud-dynamic humid incendiarygrenades ironsights itemdurability itemglow jeep jumping killingblow knives ladders landvehicle latemodernperiod leveleditor lightbloom limitedcapacity lives locationaldamage machineguns machinepistols maleprotagonist malfunctioning map mediaindrive mercenaries mercenaryprotagonist mp-customport mp-dm mp-teams mp-undefined multiseaters netframework neutralnpcs nonlinear npcinjuries npcspawning objectiveindicator openworld openworld-restricted optionaltasks plains precisionrifles premadecharacters present publictransit quazal racechoice rain realisticshotguns recoil reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators repairing resting river roadsigns rockets safezone saveanywhere savepoints scenic secrets segmentedhealth serious shantytown shopping shotguns singlegenderopposition solomission staining stamina stash stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound submachineguns subtropic swimming syringes telescope thermalweapons thickvegetation thoroughfares town trampling trespassing tropic turrets unrelatedsequel upgrades-other upgradesystem vehiclecrew walking war wasteland weaponupgrades wheeledvehicle wildfire wildlife
Call of Duty: World at War (Call of Duty 5;CoD5;CoDWaW)  Activision Blizzard (Treyarch)2008 1940s 20thcentury aaa accuracy-motion accuracy-turning aimmode ammomagazines assaultrifles callofduty capacity-toolslots city city-berlin-de controllablehelplessness damageindicator damageovertime distortedvision driving dynamicaccuracy firearms flamethrowers fofindicator forest fullscreen germany gore grenadecooking grenaderethrow grenades grenadewarning handguns healthregen healthregen-fast healthwarning hillland hud-dynamic incendiarygrenades invisiblewalls ironsights island iwengine japan jumping killingblow knives leaning limitedcapacity lipsync machineguns meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction mountedweapons mp-cooperative mp-survival multilingual naturalistic nohealthdisplay nplayers oneofmany overheating pain postures precisionrifles rating-esrb-m resuscitation riflegrenades rockets rural serious shotguns singlegender smokegrenades speech-german speech-japanese splatter submachineguns tank tanks telescope thermalweapons thickvegetation title-static trampling trivialobstacles tropic uvl-missingimages vaulting voicechat walking war worldwar2
South Park: The Stick of Truth (South Park: Der Stab der Wahrheit;South Park: Le Bâton de Vérité)  Ubisoft (Obsidian Entertainment;South Park Digital Studios)2014 acknowledgedsilence alienabduction aliens blocking bossbattles bows burning censorship childprotagonist children classbased cleargame damageovertime difficulty druggies drugs enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons fasttravel-points forest gore healingitems humor-blue humor-dark humor-toilet ignoredvandalism inventory itemglow ladders levelbasedeq metafiction minigames namelessprotagonist nonsense nudity optionaltasks postcombatrestoration protagonistdesigning quicktimeevent racism-speciesism radialmenu randomdamage rating-acb-r18 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rewardingvandalism secrets sewers silentprotagonist simongame socketables southpark spacecraft-location splatter stash statuseffects titlementioned titularlocale titularobject town turnbasedcombat tutorial tutorial-forced uvl-tiein vagrants virtualsocialnetwork