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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Trendy Entertainment (Trendy Entertainment)2010 adv-xpdistr classbased colorful cpplanguage crossworldcharacters crystals dedicatedclient destructiblestructures difficulty download dungeondefenders-series elves gamecenter gamespy goblinoids indie ios-4 ipad iphone itempickup-attract itempickup-auto loot-random magic mode-challenge mode-survival mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mp-dropin mp-matchmaking mysticprotagonist paidkilling physx playerstats repairing sorcery summoning towerdefense trapping unrealdevkit unrealengine3 vibrant vorbis walking waves xp-kills xp-progress
Age of Defenders Cuketa (Cuketa)2011 difficulty display-1280x800 ipad mp-crossplatform tablet
Minecraft - Pocket Edition  Mojang (Mojang)2011 achievements amoeboids anaglyphic asphyxiation axes blockbased blocky bloodless bombs bows chasms circadiancycle compass constructing crafting crafting-sites customtriggers damageflicker dark-limited deathpenalty demo destructibleenvironment destructibleworld difficulty digging dimensionaltravel dissolvingitems drm drm-online dynamicweather ecosystems falldamage fanfunding farming fishing flatterrain forest freesound hitmoderation hunger indie inventory inventory-supplies itemglow java jumping lava limitedcapacity logging logicgates lwjgl minecarts monsters mp-crossplatform mp-ctf mp-dropin nocampaign nofailstate noinvpause nostory npcasphyxiation openal opengl openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting periodicdangers persistentworld pickaxe portals prospecting rain sandbox shapedsprites shovels silviculture skeletons spiders spreadingvegetation ssao subterranean suicideattackers terraindeformation tilebased timepiece undead undirected vorbis walking wilderness wildlife zombies
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (MtG:DotP 2013;Magic 2013) Wizards of the Coast (Stainless Games)2012 animals cardbased cardbattle challenges collectiblecardgame conversion difficulty energytypes godlingprotagonist ipad magic magicthegathering monsters multiphasedturns multiverse mysticprotagonist nodeckbuilding outofturnactions sharedhealth sorcery splittingcreatures story-none summoning summoningsickness traditionaltiein
Chainsaw Warrior Auroch Digital (Auroch Digital )2013 boardgametiein cardbased charactercreation comiccutscenes dice difficulty firearms gameofchance instantkillers meleeweapons mutants randomchance randomizedattributes rating-pegi-7 timelimit tutorial unity-engine zombies
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games (Firaxis Games)2013 2010s abilitycooldown actioncamera actionsystem aiadvantage alieninvasion alienmenace aliens aoeindicator assaultrifles beamweapons berserkers bodyarmor city classbased classbasedeq combatautoloot coversystem crippled criticalchance crystals cyborgs demo destructibleenvironment difficulty distortedvision doors earth elevation energyweapons firearms flanking forest freeactions friendlyfire genderneutral globalorganization gore grenades greys groupmind handguns healing hitchance instantkillers karmiccreatures laserbolts laserweapons lineofsight loading-cutscene loading-partial machineguns militaryfiction mindcontrol minionpermadeath mp-asynchronous mp-lms multinationalorganization noncanon obsoletedassets onehanded orangeblue outofturnactions overworld persistentminions plasmaweapons pointofnoreturn precisionrifles present psychicpowers psychics randomchance randomevents reboot reduced reload-manual rescuees robots rockets score sequelhook shallowwater silentprotagonist slowmotion smokegrenades spacecraft-location splatter stunguns stunning tactical taskgenerator technofantasy timedturns titlementioned titulargroup toxins training uniqueminions unlimitedammo unrealengine3 unseenprotagonist upkeep vendortrash veterancy viralcreatures visualizedtrajectory wetland wildcardeqslots wildfire windowentry xcom-2012reboot xcom-series
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 (MtG:DotP 2014;Magic 2014;Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers) Wizards of the Coast (Stainless Games)2013 cardbased cardbattle collectiblecardgame conversion deckbuilding difficulty energytypes godlingprotagonist ipad magic magicthegathering monsters multiphasedturns multiverse mysticprotagonist outofturnactions sharedhealth snakes sorcery splittingcreatures summoning summoningsickness traditionaltiein
Freedom Fall Stirfire Studios (Stirfire Studios)2013 deadlydecor difficulty difficulty-ingame escape prison steampunk verticalplatformer
FTL: Faster Than Light Subset Games (Subset Games)2014 activepause adaptivemusic airflows aliens asphyxiation asteroids beamweapons blackmarket boarding cloaking colorblind damageinfo difficulty doors dronebays energyshields energyweapons fuel gambling hitchance humanoids indie insectoids internaldamage ipad latestart mapgenerator minionpermadeath namegenerator npcasphyxiation opengl parttargeting permadeath psychics randomchance repairing resourceallocation robots rockets score shieldregen shopping slavery space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacefaringage staticresolution teleport tutorial unlimitedammo unlockable-vehicles unlockablecontent upgradesystem ventilation veterancy warptravel wildfire xp-literal