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The Guild ? (?)2000 beos earth extraterrestrial haikuos license-gpl otherworld prerenderedbackgrounds sdl solsystem spacecraft-location voiceovers x86
Freedroid GoodOldGames (GoodOldGames)2003 beos doors haikuos independentaim langinsignificant laserbolts robotprotagonist robots spacecraft-large spacecraft-location
Freeroid ? (?)2004 beos doors independentaim langinsignificant laserbolts license-gpl robotprotagonist robots spacecraft-large spacecraft-location
Commander Genius (CloneKeen) ? (?)2009 alienplanet aliens apocalyptic cartoony childprotagonist cipherlang city commanderkeen download extraterrestrial haikuos heroprotagonist killerrabbits ledges license-gpl lighthearted lives mars multilingual otherworld prodigalprotagonist rescue robots search spacecraft-location spacestation stranded