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Warframe  Digital Extremes (Digital Extremes)2013 3ormoreplayers absolutearmor achillesheelfoes adv-undefined afterearth aimassist aimmode anticheat armorexperience assaultrifles autoshotguns axes beamweapons biogrowth biorobots bludgeons boomerangs bows chargedattack clansystem classbased classlinkedgender clienthost clingers crafting cyborgs damagetypes deployables diegeticui disclaunchers dissolvingcorpses distantfuture dynamicobjectives eliteprotagonist enemyhealthdisplay energyshields energyweapons equipment-preselect equipmentbased equipmentexperience evolution-engine extraterrestrial fallimpact fanservice firearms fistloads forcedteleport free2play future ghostedmotion gibs glowsuits gore groundslamming handguns healthpickups hiddenattributes hiddenitemstats hitflash host-migrating hudmalfunctioning indie ineptveteran intermissions irc japanese-theme jethammers jumping jumppads keys knockback knockdown langukrainian laserbolts laserweapons launchtitle ledges levelselection lightbloom loot-random loot-unexpected losttechnology lua machineguns machinepistols magneticshoulders microtransactions minimap missionbased monsters motionblur mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-voting nocampaign nofalldamage nofriendlyfire nohealthregen npcreloading npcteleporting nvapex objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator otherworld penetratingexplosions perplayerloot pet physx polearms powerarmor precisionrifles pve pvefocus pvp radialblur rating-esrb-t resuscitation rewardingvandalism robots rotaryguns safepits screenshake selfupdate shieldregen shotguns sliding socketables solsystem spacestation splatter statuseffects steampowered story-none streamerscarf stunlock supportnpcs swords targetident technomagic teleporting teleswap tenno-series threatsystem throwingknives thrownweapons tinyfoes titlementioned titularobject tooltips tutorial unarmedfighting undefinedelements unexplainedelements upnp variableobjectives voicechat walking wallpenetrators wallrunning warriorprotagonist wastedeffort weaponexperience wintery xp-kills xp-objects xp-shared
Alien: Isolation SEGA (Creative Assembly)2014 1life airlocks alienfranchise alienmenace aliens androids chromaticaberration contextualmovement corpselooting crafting dark decoys depthoffield eventdirector extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist firearms flamethrowers flares future glowingeyes hacking havokphysics hunted incendiarygrenades instantkillers interactionhighlight juggernauts keys ladders lamp leaning metroidvania minigames monsters motiondetector nohealthregen npcstrife overpowered savepoints scaleform screenshake smokegrenades spacecraft-location spacestation stealth stealthgame stunprods survivalhorror wwise
Risk of Rain Chucklefish (Hopoo Games;Code Mystics)2016 abilitycooldown adv-objects adv-static aimdirlimit blankprotagonist blindacquisitions bossbattles bossmeter chargedattack charging classbased colossi consistentdamage criticalchance crowdfunded damageinfo damageovertime demo difficulty-time dodging encounters-popup endlessopposition enemyhealthdisplay extraterrestrial falldamage firearms flatterrain flyingjellyfish gamemaker giantcrustaceans gianthumanoids giantmonsters giants giantworms healthdrops healthpickups healthregen humblestore humblewidget indie invincibilityframes isolatedlocale itempickup-attract itempickup-auto jumping jumppads knockback ladders leveluprestoration limitlessenergy mapgenerator midairjumping monsters mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mycoids openal overheal overpenetration paidkilling passivebonanza permadeath persistentprogression pixeldoubling playerstats powerups prematurechallenge psstore randommaps sauroids score sdl shopping skeletonkey stranded stunning teleport tooltips toxins undefinedelements unknownpast unlimitedammo unlockable-characters unlockable-classes unlockable-items upgradesystem vorbis walking waterfalls xp-drops xp-kills xp-objects
The Technomancer  Focus Home Interactive (Spiders)2016 aliens bludgeons bodyarmor crafting dodging dystopian extraterrestrial magic mars monsters mutants nailguns rating-pegi-16 rookieprotagonist shields silkengine sorcery staves techdisparity
Mass Effect: Andromeda Electronic Arts (BioWare)2017 29thcentury actionrpg day1dlc extraterrestrial frostbiteengine future genderchoice interactivedialogs interplanetarytravel masseffect-series multipleworlds openworld technomagic
Prey (Prey 2;Prey 2017)  Bethesda Softworks (Arkane Studios)2017 aliens alternatetimeline cryengine damagetypes developmenthell extraterrestrial immersivesim mimics prey-series radialmenu reboot recycledtitle systemsdriven unrestrictedviolence
The Long Journey Home (TLJH;Project Daedalus: The Long Journey Home) Daedalic Entertainment (Daedalic Studio West)2017 aliens astrophysics energyshields extraterrestrial fuel future hybridgame interstellartravel landersim mapgenerator physics roguelite spacecraft starfishaliens stranded tutorial unrealengine4 uvl-workingtitle warptravel
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Ubisoft (Ubisoft Toronto)2018 actionadventure aerospacecraft aliens extraterrestrial radar snowdrop-engine titlementioned toystolife universallanguage