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Battlefield 4 (BF4)  Electronic Arts (EA Digital Illusions CE)2013 aaa aimmode ambientocclusion armoredcar assaultrifles battlefield-series chat chromaticaberration city classbased destructibleenvironment driving firearms fofindicator frostbiteengine graybrown grenadelaunchers grenades handguns helicopter helicopters ironsights launchtitle machineguns modularequipment mp-teams multiseaters multivehicular objectiveindicator parachuting precisionrifles rockets splatter submachineguns swimming tank tanks teamawareness vaulting voicechat walking
Tomb Raider (Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition)  Square Enix (Crystal Dynamics)2014 actionadventure adv-ptdistr animals archeologistprotagonist axes bows collectibles communicator corpselooting cover-destructible coversystem crystalengine dark-limited diaries distortedvision environmentalpuzzle fallimpact fasttravel femaleprotagonist firearms fofindicator gore handguns interactionhighlight invisiblewalls island japanese-theme jumping ladders lamp ledges map monkeybars objectiveindicator oopitems originstory paranormal prematuredetonation quicktimeevent rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 ruins screenshake sequence-turret shallowwater shotguns splatter stealth stranded submachineguns tombraider tumbling upgradesystem walking weaponupgrades wilderness xp-kills xp-objects ziplines
Titanfall  Electronic Arts (Respawn Entertainment)2014 assaultrifles audioocclusion autocannons chromaticaberration city display-792p dodging energyshields equipment-preselect firearms genderchoice grenades guidedbullets guidedweapons handguns jumping machineguns machinepistols mecha midairjumping minimap mp-bots mp-control mp-dm mp-lms mp-npcallies mp-teams nofalldamage nofriendlyfire playerstats pvpve radar rating-pegi-16 rockets sourceengine unarmedfighting walkers walking wallclinging walljumping wallrunning
Wolfenstein: The New Order Bethesda Softworks (MachineGames)2014 1940s 1960s aimassist aimmode alternatetimeline amnesia assaultrifles backstabbing depthoffield difficulty difficulty-mockery distortedvision dualwielding earth firearms germany handguns healthregen healthregen-stunted idtech5 insaneasylum interactivetriggers lensflare machineguns nazis overheal recoil screenstaining splatter ssao superscience wolfenstein worldwar2
WATCH_DOGS (Watch Dogs) Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal;Ubisoft Reflections)2014 aaa autoshotguns city crimefiction display-30fps display-792p disrupt-engine envcombat firearms glitchvisuals hacking hijacking map mp-dropinpvp neutralnpcs objectiveindicator postcyberpunk radialmenu rating-pegi-18 technofantasy technology-theme undefinedelements vigilanteprotagonist
Destiny Activision (Bungie)2014 28thcentury actionrpg aimmode aliens antiheroprotagonist bodyarmor canyon cave chromaticaberration circadiancycle classbased clothphysics dark-limited distantfuture earth enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons falldamage fallimpact firearms future genderchoice genericengine grenades handguns healthregen hovervehicles itemgenerator knives lamp lightvsdark loading-obscured lootemup luna midairjumping moon mp-control mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-matchmaking objectiveindicator planetaryromance postapocalypse precisionrifles protagonistdesigning pve pvp radar rebornprotagonist reload-manual robots rockets russia shopping specieschoice stash technomagic tower upgradesystem waterfalls wintery
Alien: Isolation SEGA (Creative Assembly)2014 1life airlocks alienfranchise alienmenace aliens androids chromaticaberration contextualmovement corpselooting crafting dark decoys depthoffield eventdirector extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist firearms flamethrowers flares future glowingeyes hacking havokphysics hunted incendiarygrenades instantkillers juggernauts keys ladders lamp leaning metroidvania minigames monsters motiondetector nohealthregen npcstrife overpowered savepoints scaleform screenshake smokegrenades spacecraft-location spacestation stealth stealthgame stunprods survivalhorror wwise
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (CoD:AW) Activision (Sledgehammer Games;Raven Software)2014 aircontrol airdash assaultrifles beamweapons callofduty customengine dashing dynamicaccuracy energyweapons firearms grenades jumping midairjumping minimap mp-gungame nofalldamage precisionrifles reload-manual shields streakbonuses streakbonuses-preselect walking
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Square Enix (Crystal Dynamics)2014 archeologistprotagonist egyptian-theme femaleprotagonist firearms grenades mp-cooperative seriesnamedrop tombraider undead
Evolve 2K Games (Turtle Rock Studios)2015 alienanimals beamweapons breathweapons classbased cryengine3 dark enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons evolution firearms forest giantmonsters humanprotagonist jungle lamp microtransactions monsterprotagonist monsters mp-asymmetric mp-cooperative playerprogression pvp pvponly robots stealth unarmedfighting
LA Cops Team 17 Software (Team 17 Software)2015 1970s 20thcentury city city-losangeles-ca earth firearms handguns lawenforcerprotagonist missionbased unity-engine
Mad Max Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Avalanche Studios)2015 arkhamcombat firearms lamp landvehicle maleprotagonist map postapocalypse unarmedfighting uvl-tiein wasteland
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (メタルギアソリッドV ファントムペイン) Konami (Kojima Productions)2015 actionadventure assaultrifles circadiancycle difficulty difficulty-mockery firearms handguns maleprotagonist map metalgear militantprotagonist openworld stealth telescope
Fallout 4 Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2015 2070s 21stcentury achievements atomicage-theme cassettetapes companionapp compass creation-engine dialogwheel displacementfiction display-30fps earth fallout firearms flash framesynced future genderchoice interactivedialogs langbrazil-port langchinesetrad lockpicking northamerica nuclearsolution parentprotagonist postapocalypse prologue protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face rating-pegi-18 retrofuture settlementminigame spouseprotagonist trash tutorial
Rainbow Six Siege (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege) Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2015 aimmode aircraft-location anvilnext-engine assaultrifles barricading firearms friendlyfire ironsights rainbow6 rating-pegi-18 remotecontrol stungrenades tomclancy
The Division (Tom Clancy's The Division)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Massive)2016 city city-newyork-ny closedbeta coversystem earth firearms openpvp openworld outbreak snowdrop-engine usa