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Final Fantasy X (FFX) Square;SCE Europe (Square)TBA abominations adaptivetools adv-ptdistr beastmen bellyofawhale bizarrecreatures bonusbosses bossbattles capacity-unlimited cassandradilemma characterlinkedclass chekhovsgun cipherlang classbased combatmode death difficulty-single dreams encounters-random enemyscan fantasyworld fictionaluniverse finalfantasy fistloads ghosts giantbirds giantmonsters group initiative inventory madeupsport magic meleeweapons monsters multilingual plains premadeprotagonist psychopomps ragtaggang ruins sacrificiallamb samsara socketables sorcery statuseffects summoning supernaturalprotagonist turnbasedcombat ultimatehits unarmedfighting unusualprotagonist viciouscycle xp-undefined