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The Sims Aspyr (Maxis)2001 ♫tchaikovskyromeojulietlove buildingdesigning carbonapi cdrom commercial furnishing homosexuals keyboard lesbians license-proprietary lifesimulation mouse osx osx-1 osx0 ppc sims sliceoflife socialsimulation timemanagement vernal xyzzy
The Sims 2 Aspyr Media (Maxis)2005 buildingdesigning furnishing homosexuals lesbians lifesimulation loadingnonsense osx sims socialsimulation timemanagement vernal xrayelectrocution
The Sims 3 Electronic Arts (EA Redwood Shores)2009 aaa buildingdesigning construction-instant dvd femaleprotagonist furnishing gardengnomes genderchoice homosexuals humblebundle lesbians lifesimulation loadingnonsense maleprotagonist npcschedules osx selfcensorship shopping sims sliceoflife socialsimulation stupidevil timemanagement vernal
Minecraft Mojang (Mojang)2011 agriculture alphafunding anaglyphic axes bizarreenvironments blockbased blocky bombs bows buildingdesigning cartoonbones cipherlang commercial constructing cooking crafting crafting-ammo crafting-sites customtriggers darkisevil dedicatedclient demo destructibleenvironment destructibleworld digging doors doors-breakable drm drm-login drm-online dynamicweather ecosystems energydistribution expandingmap exploration falldamage fanfunding farming firesuppression fishing flatterrain foraging fovoption freesound furnishing host-dataimport hunger hunting indie inventory inventory-supplies java jumping knockback ladders lava limitedcapacity logging logicgates lowpoly lwjgl mapgenerator mapgenerator-live minecarts minibosses monsters mp-crossplatform mp-ctf mp-dropin netty nocampaign nofailstate noinvpause nostory openal opengl openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting periodicdangers persistentworld phasetransitions pickaxe pressureplates prospecting rain randomseed resourceprocessing roughterrain sandbox selfupdate serialkey shapedsprites shovels silviculture skeletons spiders spreadingvegetation ssao subterranean suicideattackers terraindeformation textureatlas tilebased tooltips touchscreen tripwires undead undirected vorbis walking wildlife zombies
King Arthur's Gold (KAG;kag2d) TransHuman Directive (TransHuman Directive)2012 alphafunding angelscript basebuilding blocking bombs bows builders buildingdesigning catapults classbased constructing cpplanguage crafting crafting-ammo crimsonengine currency demo digging earth errorreporting europe gibs gog gold humancannonball irrklang irrlicht jumping knights ladders medieval meleeweapons middleages militantprotagonist mpfocus naturalistic nocampaign nostory opengl prospecting pvp resourceharvesting selfupdate shields siegeweapons steampowered story-none structuresupports subterranean swords tilebased trapping walking
Dungeon Keeper Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)2012 antiheroprotagonist basebuilding blankprotagonist builders buildingdesigning chickens construction-instant corpseharvesting demons digging doors doors-breakable dualism dungeon dungeonkeeper evilisgood expenses-instant finiteresources friendlyfire friendlyfire-purposeful ghosts giantinsects goblins godgame gog goodvsevil harvesters heroes humor-dark indirectcontrol infighting magic magiccarpet-engine malevolentprotagonist mediaindrive missionbased monsters npcbodydragging osx osx-6 resourceharvesting sorcery stockpiles subterranean trapping undead unseenprotagonist veterancy workers x86 zoning
War for the Overworld Subterranean Games (Subterranean Games;Rise)2015 alphafunding antiheroprotagonist basebuilding buildingdesigning crowdfunded digging dominion download dualism evilisgood godgame gog indie magic malevolentprotagonist monsters npcbodydragging resourceharvesting sorcery steampowered unity-engine zoning
Dungeons II (Dungeons 2) Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015 basebuilding buildingdesigning digging drm drm-login dungeons-series godgame kalypsolauncher launcher malevolentprotagonist mp-crossplatform resourceharvesting steampowered subterranean unity-engine zoning
Prison Architect Introversion Software (Introversion Software)2015 adaptiveaudio alphafunding buildingdesigning captives clergy constrainedlocale contraband grid grid-square imprisoning indie modsupport naturalistic needs nostory prison steampowered steamworkshop temple thoroughfareconstruction training ugc zoning
Stardew Valley Chucklefish;ConcernedApe (ConcernedApe)2016 agriculture buildingdesigning circadiancycle constructing crafting farmsimulation fishing furnishing genderchoice gog indie itemget mp-cooperative npcschedules protagonistdesigning rural soundtrack steampowered titlementioned titularlocale
RimWorld Ludeon Studios (Ludeon Studios)2018 alphafunding ambienttemperature builders buildingdesigning cannibalism colonysim coversystem crafting ecosystems energydistribution eventdirector grid grid-square harvesters heattransfer imprisoning indie isolatedlocale modsupport multimap openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting osx peopleresources randomevents slavery structuresupports temperaturechanges temperatuscaleoptions timezones unity-engine wildfire
DwarfCorp Completely Fair Games (Completely Fair Games)2019 basebuilding buildingdesigning digging download dwarves resourceharvesting steampowered
KeeperRL author (author)TBA alphafunding antiheroprotagonist basebuilding blankprotagonist builders buildingdesigning colonysim commercial crowdfunded demons digging download dungeon evilisgood goblins godgame goodvsevil indevelopment indirectcontrol license-gpl magic malevolentprotagonist monsters osx rating-pegi-16 resourceharvesting sorcery steampowered stockpiles subterranean unseenprotagonist