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Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) author (author)2006 1life abominations adv-static agriculture ancardia attackdefenseadjust cannibalism classbased curseditems desecration destructibleitems dragons dungeon encounters-random energyregen fatbinary floatingeyes genderchoice gremlins heroprotagonist hiddenattributes hunger hyperalimentation inventory inventory-unprotected itemidentification jokeitems karma karmiccreatures magic mapgenerator metamorphosis mitoticcreatures monsters mutation naming naming-companions naming-npcs nonlinear nonstandardcolors optionaltasks ordervschaos osx osx-4 osx-6 outlaws overworld owlbears permadeath placeswap potions ppc presetmaps psychicpowers psychics quitsave randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting sacrificing safeguards save-suspend shiftinglocale singlesave sorcery spawners specieschoice subterraneanforest tangibleabstracts teleport teleporters teleporting timeslicing transformativecorruption trolls undead unicorns worms x86 xp-kills xp-literal
Dwarf Fortress (Slaves to Armok: God Of Blood - Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) Bay 12 Games (Bay 12 Games)2008 4ormoreresources autosaves-periodic builders cannibalism children citybuilding clockpunk collapsingceiling colonysim crafting customtriggers dragons dwarvenprotagonist dwarves elves familyproject fanfunding fmod fortress fortresssimulation ghosts goblins godgame harvesters hunger internaldamage itemgenerator killerrabbits layers layers-interactive logicgates mapgenerator materials monsters naturalhazards nocampaign nostory openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting osx osx-3 persistentworld ppc resourceharvesting roguelike sandbox shieldbash skeletons stealing subterranean survivalsimulation town undead undertaking undirected vorbis weefolk weefolkprotagonist workers x86 zombies zoning
Sheltered Team17 Digital (Unicube)2016 alphafunding bartering bunker cannibalism colonysim crafting crowdfunded decomposing download gog pixelated postapocalypse recruiting repairing retro steampowered tradewithanyone trapping
RimWorld Ludeon Studios (Ludeon Studios)2018 alphafunding ambienttemperature builders buildingdesigning cannibalism colonysim coversystem crafting ecosystems energydistribution eventdirector grid grid-square harvesters heattransfer imprisoning indie isolatedlocale modsupport multimap openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting osx peopleresources randomevents slavery structuresupports temperaturechanges temperatuscaleoptions timezones unity-engine wildfire