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Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ;S.P.A.Z.) MinMax Games (MinMax Games)2012 achievements achievements-public adv-ptdistr armorpenetrators autosavepoints autoturrets beamweapons bioships bombs boosters bossbattles brigandprotagonist cannons cargojettisoning changinggoals cloakednpcs cloaking componentjettisoning damageinfo download dronebays empweapons enemyhealthdisplay energyshields energyweapons escapecapsules explosiveobjects extraterrestrial factions fauxserious fictionalelement flatspace future guidedweapons hatchers humblebundle interplanetarytravel interstellartravel itempickup-auto karmiccreatures knockback license-crossplatform loadingnonsense locationaldamage marketpreview mines npcstrife openal opengl outlawprotagonist overburdening overpenetration pointdefenses quarantine radar resourceharvesting retrofitting rockets secretconflict sequence-defend sequence-timed shieldbreakers shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacecraft-medium spacecraft-small spacefaringage spacefriction spacelanes spawners spaz-series splatter stealth steampowered targetident taskgenerator timeskip tips torque2d tractorbeams treachery tutorial vehiclecustomization vorbis xp-objects zombies zoom
Gratuitous Space Battles II (GSB 2;Gratuitous Space Battles 2) Positech Games (Positech Games)2015 aliens automatedbattles beamweapons defensebreaking designing difficulty download drm drm-activation energyshields energyweapons equipment-preselect escapecapsule escapecapsules flatspace fmod guidedweapons humblestore indie indirectcontrol intangibleallies inventory-vehicles militantprotagonist nodrm noreinforcements planning planning-preset priorities proprietarynetwork quasidepth radar rockets shieldbreakers shieldpenetrators shieldregen shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacecraft-small spacecraftcombat steampowered story-none towerdefense toweroffense ubuntu vehiclecustomization vehicledesigning vorbis war