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Escape  New Generation Software (New Generation Software)1982 1life escape instantdeath
Galaxians  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1982 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Ground Attack (Arcade Action: Ground Attack)  Silversoft (Silversoft)1982 instantdeath lives score scrollingshooter
Gulpman  Campbell Systems (Campbell Systems)1982 claiming instantdeath lives pacmanlike score
Invaders (Space Invasion)  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1982 aliens fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Meteor Storm  Quicksilva (Quicksilva)1982 asteroids instantdeath lives space
Space Intruders  Quicksilva (Quicksilva)1982 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
The Monster Mine Gem Software (Gem Software)1982 1life cassette color-1bit commercial currency instantdeath keyboard langinsignificant license-proprietary mexico monsters northamerica pacmanlike subterranean timelimit
3D Painter  CDS Software (CDS Software)1983 1life instantdeath score
Balloon  Century Publishing (Century Publishing)1983 instantdeath lives
Bear Bovver (El Oso Bobo)  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1983 anthroprotagonist instantdeath ladders lives ursines
Chuckie Egg  A&F Software (A&F Software)1983 birds claiming instantdeath ladders lives score timelimit ystop100
Chuckman  CCI;Mastertronic (CCI;Mastertronic)1983 instantdeath score skateboard
Gnasher (Gricko)  R&R Software;Mastertronic (R&R Software)1983 claiming endless ghosts instantdeath lives pacmanlike powerups score
Gridrunner  Quicksilva (Salamander Software)1983 instantdeath lives score
Haunted Hedges  Micromega (Micromega)1983 claiming instantdeath lives pacmanlike score
Hunchback  Ocean (Ocean)1983 instantdeath lives lutris score uvl-tiein
Invaders  DKTronics (DKTronics)1983 fixedshooter instantdeath lives
Invasion of the Body Snatchas!(Invasion of the Body Snatchers;Blow Out)  Crystal Computing (Crystal Computing)1983 instantdeath lives rescue score
Magic Meanies  CDS Microsystems (CDS Microsystems)1983 claiming digging instantdeath lives score
Manic Miner  Bug-Byte;Software Projects (Bug-Byte;Software Projects)1983 ♫mountainking cassette claiming commercial disappearingplatforms falldamage harmfultouch instantdeath keyboard license-proprietary lives score timelimit walking willyminer ystop100
Muncher (Munch Them Munsters)  Cascade Games (Cascade Games)1983 claiming instantdeath lives pacmanlike
Pac-Man (Pacman)  Atarisoft (Atarisoft)1983 instantdeath pacman pacmanlike
Penetrator  Melbourne House (Beam Software)1983 instantdeath lives score
Pogo  Ocean (Ocean)1983 instantdeath lives qbert score