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Barbie Race and Ride (Barbie Aventure Equestre)  Mattel;Sony Computer Entertainment (Runecraft)1999 barbie femaleprotagonist horsegame horseracing horses rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-e titularcharacter
Mary King's Riding Star (Alexandra Ledermann Equitation Passion;'Lussan' Nathhorst Presenterar Riding Star;Ulrich Kirchhoffs Riding Star: Die Simulation rund um den Reitsport)  Midas Interactive Entertainment (Midas Interactive Entertainment)2000 horsegame horses professionalathlete rating-elspa-3
Equestrian Showcase (Equestriad 2001;Alexandra Ledermann 2: Equitation Compétition)  Midas Interactive Entertainment;Mud Duck Productions (Tantalus)2003 horsegame horses professionalathlete riding