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Let's Ride! Sunshine Stables  THQ (Independent Arts)2005 consoleclassix genderchoice horsegame horses letsride uvl-tiein virtualpets
Horse and Pony - Let's Ride 2 (Horse & Pony - Let's Ride 2)  dtp Entertainment (dtp Entertainment)2005 femaleprotagonist horsegame horses letsride
Best Friends: My Horse (Pferd & Pony: Best Friends - Mein Pferd)  DTP Entertainment (DTP Entertainment)2006 horsegame horses
My Stud Farm (Horsez;Alexandra Ledermann Stud Farm)  Ubisoft;dtp Entertainment (Independent Arts;Denaris Entertainment)2006 femaleprotagonist horsegame horses letsride professionalathlete
My Vet Practice (Meine Tierarztpraxis;Mijn Dierenpraktijk)  dtp Entertainment (Independent Arts;Denaris Entertainment Software)2006 femaleprotagonist horsegame horses
Pippa Funnel - Stable Adventures (Alexandra Ledermann - Aventures au Galop;Paard & Pony - Mijn Manege;Pferd & Pony - Mein Pferdehof)  Ubisoft;Mindscape;dtp entertainment (Independent Arts)2006 consoleclassix femaleprotagonist horsegame horseracing horses professionalathlete virtualpets
Let's Ride! Dreamer (Pippa Funnel 2;Alexandra Ledermann;Pferd & Pony: Lass Uns Reiten 2;Paard & Pony - Paard in Galop!)  THQ;dtp entertainment;Ubisoft (Kritzelkratz)2006 horsegame horses letsride movie professionalathlete