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Rune Gathering of Developers (Human Head Studios)2000 actionadventure apocalyptic axes blocking bludgeons cdrom clothingchanges defensebreaking divinemenace endtime hackandslash ledges macos8 meleeweapons mythicfiction norsemythology opengl osclassic pcibus ppc shields swords tcpip throwanything underworld unrealengine unrealengine1 vikings warriorprotagonist
Earth 2150 (Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet) Topware Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2000 2150s 22ndcentury apocalyptic basebuilding color-16bit display-640x480 display-800x600 earth earth-series future mecha supplies uvl-osversion vehicledesigning walkers
Sacrifice Interplay (Shiny Entertainment)2002 actionstrategy adv-deeds aerokinesis antiheroprotagonist apocalyptic asymmetriccreatures autosavepoints bizarrecreatures branchingstory counselor deities demons download dragons dragons-other electrokinesis endtime evilisgood fantasyworld fictionaluniverse geokinesis giantmonsters humanoidprotagonist interactivepurgatory intermissions leveleditor levelselection macos9 magic magic-somatic magic-verbal milessound missionbased monsters mp-ffa mp-lms mutants mysticprotagonist nohumans nojumping nonlinearstory oddrulers oneofakind oneshot osclassic premadeprotagonist pyrokinesis recruiting resourceharvesting sacrificing saveanywhere secrets-tasks seers shatteredworld slavery slidingwalk sorcery soularts souls summoning teleport teleporting thedestroyer titlementioned trolls tutorial undead uniqueprotagonist unitlimit unusualprotagonist voiceovers walking xp-none zombies