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Rose Garden author (author)1992 68k color-8bit currency flowers ghosts hiddenobject insects inventory macos6 magical osclassic roses shopping
Beehave Beehive author (author)1993 68k bees binarycolor clickadventure grid grid-hex insects naturalistic osclassic
Ants Afire Macromedia (Macromedia)1994 ants color-8bit g3-throttle insects macos8 osclassic ppc ppc-g3
Elroy goes BugZerk Headbone Interactive (Headbone Interactive)1995 68k cdrom color-8bit cpu-68040 earth insects macos7 naturalistic osclassic outdoors
The Spider author (author)1995 68k butterflies cpu-68040 insects memory memorygame osclassic ppc spiders visualmatching
Vitamin Pacific Media WorX (Pacific Media WorX)1995 68k color-8bit insects macos7 osclassic