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Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge  Martech (Martech)1985 bicycle motorcycle
GP Rider (Grandprix Rider)  ASCII (ASCII)1986 motorcycle motorracing motorsport
Speed King  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1986 motorcycle motorracing track-brandshatch track-daytona track-doningtonpark track-hockenheimring track-imola track-jerez track-monza track-paulricard track-scandinavianraceway track-silverstone
Aspar GP Master (Grand Prix Master)  Dinamic (Dinamic)1988 motorcycle motorracing motorsport track-assen track-grobnik track-imola track-jarama track-jerez track-masaryk track-nuerburgring
Turbo Girl (Turbo Bike)  Dinamic;Alternative Software (Gamesoft)1988 femaleprotagonist motorcycle score scrollingshooter
Angel Nieto Pole 500  Opera Soft (Opera Soft)1990 motorcycle motorracing motorsport