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Mickey's Chaos In Number City Hi-Tech Expressions (Beam)1991 anthropomorphism anthroprotagonist cartoon disney mickeymouse rodentprotagonist
Mickey's Safari in Letterland  Hi-Tech Expressions;Playtronic (Beam)1993 ♫mozarttwinklestar alligators animateobjects anthropomorphism anthroprotagonist cartoon chiroptera clams disney ducks edu-graphemes forest fungus-mushrooms hedgehogs hippo jungle letters livesnowman mice mickeymouse mouseprotagonist mycoids otherworld parrots penguin pinnipeds rodentprotagonist rodents rubegoldbergmachine ruins seals snakes speechsynthesis subterranean testudines wasteland wetland wintery
The Panda Prince  Taiwan Shin-Shin Electronics (Taiwan Shin-Shin Electronics)1996 anthropomorphicanimals anthropomorphism anthroprotagonist bananas beavers birds bossbattles did earth fish giantinsects giantrodents hopandbop improvisedweapons jumping lives minecarts noasin octopus pandas rescue rodents sauroids savepassword snakes swimming tropic underwater walking wasps
Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold  ? (?)2002 animateobjectprotagonist animateobjects anthropomorphism homebrew noupc