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Godilloric  ? (?)? cassette platformreference score
Hist'Oric ? (?)? edu-history platformreference
Oric Bingo GPD (GPD)? bingo platformreference
Categ/oric (Categoric)  No Man's Land (No Man's Land)1983 naval platformreference
Dicodoric Proriciel (Proriciel)1983 platformreference timelimit wordgame
Memoric Proriciel (Proriciel)1983 memory platformreference
Oric Bandit Tansoft (Tansoft)1983 platformreference slotmachine
Oric Munch (Oricmunch)  Tansoft (Tansoft)1983 3disk cassette claiming lives pacmanlike platformreference score
Oric Trek  Salamander Software (Salamander Software)1983 platformreference startrek uvl-tiein
Orical Backgammon ? (?)1983 backgammon platformreference traditional
OricMan P.S.S.1983 platformreference
Vol Oric (Simulateur de Vol) Proriciel (Proriciel)1983 aerodyne aeroplane platformreference
Pengoric Loriciels (Loriciels)1983 lives platformreference score
Coloric  Free Game Blot (Free Game Blot)1984 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary oric1 oricatmos platformreference