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Chess (Psion Chess;QL Chess)  Sinclair Research (Psion Software)1984 chess commercial dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic perfectinformation printer traditional
QL Reversi Sinclair Research (Games of Skill)1984 commercial keyboard license-proprietary reversi
The Lost Kingdom of Zkul  Talent Computer Systems (Talent Computer Systems)1984 commercial keyboard license-proprietary
BJ The Return: QL Caverns 2 Eidersoft;Norman's Band (Eidersoft;Norman's Band)1985 commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Computer Scrabble Leisure Genius (Leisure Genius)1985 commercial keyboard license-proprietary scrabble traditional wordgame
Crazy Painter Microdeal (Microdeal)1985 commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
EVA (E.V.A.;E. V. A.) Westway (Westway)1985 commercial flipscreens joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Gwendoline  Labochrome (Labochrome)1985 commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Hopper Microdeal (Microdeal)1985 amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist animals commercial earth frog froggerlike jumping langinsignificant license-proprietary lives movedirlimit naturalistic naturalvinvention naturalvnatural nohumans river score timelimit traffic trucks
Karate (Pointblank Karate) Eidersoft (Pointblank)1985 commercial earth joystick keyboard license-proprietary martialarts naturalistic unarmedfighting
Lands of Havoc  Microdeal (Microdeal)1985 commercial difficulty flipscreens joystick keyboard license-proprietary score
Spook  Eidersoft (Eidersoft)1985 claiming commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives pacmanlike score
Tournament Tennis Psion Software (D&L Research)1985 commercial keyboard license-proprietary tennis
Worlds of Flight MicroDeal (CH Robertson Consultants)1985 commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary portreorder
3D Slime  Datalink Systems (Datalink Systems)1986 bossbutton commercial keyboard license-proprietary lives score
Jungle Eddi Talent Computer Systems (Grafsoft)1986 commercial license-proprietary
Knight Flight Real Time Software (Real Time Software)1986 commercial dragons flying friendlyfire giantbirds gladiatorial joystick keyboard langinsignificant license-proprietary mountedcombat mp-coplay riding score unusualmounts walking
Lords of Time  Level 9 Computing (Level 9 Computing)1986 cassette commercial frog future home humans iceage interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary middleages past present robots tigers timetravel uvl-confusable wordinput
Stone Raider MicroDeal (Ozone Microware)1986 boulderdashlike commercial license-proprietary
The King Microdeal (CH Robertson Consultants)1986 commercial license-proprietary
Wroom! Pyramide Soft (Pyramide Soft)1986 commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Puzzle Mania Chi-Soft (Chi-Soft)1987 commercial license-proprietary machinecodelang qtalk speechsynthesis
Strip Poker Talent Computer Systems;RWAP Software website (Talent Computer Systems)1987 cassette commercial drm keyboard license-proprietary poker
Dreamlands CGH Services (CGH Services)1988 commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Hoverzone  RWAP Software;Talent Computer Systems (Talent Computer Systems)1988 commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary