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Marvin's Maze  SNK (SNK)1983 mame snk3z80-hw verticalscreen
Gladiator 1984  SNK (SNK)1984 horseracing mame snk3z80-hw
Jumping Cross  SNK (SNK)1984 mame snk3z80-hw
Mad Crasher (Mad Crusher)  SNK (SNK)1984 horizontalscreen mame snk3z80-hw
Vanguard II  SNK (SNK)1984 mame secondaryattack snk3z80-hw
Alpha Mission (ASO: Armored Scrum Object;Arian Mission)  SNK (SNK)1985 mame snk3z80-hw spacecraft-small verticalscreen
Hal21  SNK (SNK)1985 mame snk3z80-hw
TNK III (T.N.K III;T.A.N.K)  SNK (SNK)1985 lives mame score snk3z80-hw tank tanks
Athena (アテナ)  SNK (SNK)1986 athena-series femaleprotagonist godlingprotagonist horizontalscreen mame monsters shapeshifters shapeshifting snk3z80-hw
Ikari Warriors (Ikari;怒)  SNK;Tradewest (SNK)1986 ikariwarriors jungle lives mame runandgun score snk3z80-hw twinstickshooter
Victory Road (Dogou Souken;怒号層圏;Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road)  SNK (SNK)1986 aliens bossbattles ikariwarriors lives mame otherworld runandgun score snk3z80-hw verticalscreen
Bermuda Triangle  SNK (SNK)1987 mame scrollingshooter snk3z80-hw tallscreen verticalscreen
Guerrilla War (Guevara;Guerilla Wars)  SNK;Tradewest (SNK;Tradewest)1987 lives mame militantprotagonist runandgun score snk3z80-hw
Psycho Soldier  SNK (SNK)1987 athena-series femaleprotagonist horizontalscreen lives lutris mame mutants postapocalypse psychicpowers psychics runandgun score snk3z80-hw
Touch Down Fever (Touchdown Fever)  SNK (SNK)1987 americanfootball mame snk3z80-hw verticalscreen
Chopper I (The Legend of the Air Cavalry)  SNK (SNK)1988 aerodyne helicopter helicopters mame rotorcraft scrollingshooter snk3z80-hw verticalscreen
Country Club  SNK (SNK)1988 golf mame snk3z80-hw
Fighting Golf (Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf)  SNK (SNK)1988 golf mame professionalathlete snk3z80-hw windindicator
Fighting Soccer  SNK (SNK)1988 mame snk3z80-hw soccer
Touch Down Fever 2  SNK (SNK)1988 americanfootball mame snk3z80-hw verticalscreen