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Blast Corps (Blast Dozer;ブラストドーザ;ブラスト・ドーザー)  Nintendo (Rare)1997 buggy consoleclassix demolition destructibleenvironment earth extraterrestrial luna mars mecha mercury motorcycle neptune rating-esrb-e trackedvehicle trucks venus wheeledvehicle
Top Gear Hyperbike (トップギア ハイパーバイク)  Kemco (Snowblind Studios)1999 motorcycle
Road Rash 64 (ロードラッシュ64)  THQ (Pacific Coast Power & Light)1999 combatracing consoleclassix motorcycle platformreference roadrash-series
Supercross 2000  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)1999 motocross motorcycle motorracing motorsport
Excitebike 64  Nintendo (Left Field)2000 iqueplayer motorcycle motorsport platformreference rating-esrb-e