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Dungeon Adventure The Rainbow Magazine (The Rainbow Magazine)1983 basic cassette coco1 dungeoncrawler interactivefiction keyboard outdoors subterranean town typein wordinput
King Tut Tom Mix Software;Microdeal (Tom Mix Software;Microdeal)1983 5.25disk cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial dark earth egypt ghosts joystick ladders lamp license-proprietary lives nonflatterrain outdoors score singlecarry snakes subterranean
Pyramid of Doom Adventure International (Adventure International)1983 cassette coco1 commercial egypt indoors indulgence interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary subterranean wasteland wordinput
Sea Dragon (SeaDragon) Adventure International (Coniah Software)1983 5.25disk cassette caveflying coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial explosives joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives music score submarine subterranean underwater voiceovers
Sea Quest (Sea Search) Mark Data Products (Mark Data Products)1983 5.25disk beach cassette cave clams coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial earth fish humans indoors indulgence interactivefiction inventory keyboard keys ladders license-proprietary merfolk neutralnpcs outdoors pirates saveanywhere score sharks subterranean underwater walkingsimulator watercraft wordinput
Shenanigans Mark Data Products (Mark Data Products)1983 5.25disk cassette cave city coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial earth indoors interactivefiction keyboard leprechauns license-proprietary outdoors snakes subterranean wordinput
Mr. Dig Computerware;MicroDeal (Computerware;MicroDeal)1984 5.25disk cassette cherries coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial difficulty digging joystick license-proprietary lives score subterranean
Pumpman Saguaro Software (Saguaro Software)1984 5.25disk cassette commercial digging dragons joystick license-proprietary lives score subterranean
Robot Odyssey I: Escape from Robotropolis The Learning Company (The Learning Company)1984 5.25disk adventureengine alternativesolutions ambientcreatures bizarrecreatures city controllablehelplessness difficultyspike edu-logic edu-programming elevators flipscreens framesynced fuel hard hypermobilefoes logic logicgates machinecivilization opensolutions pointertoggle programming publictransit pushwalls robotodyssey robots sewers stranded subterranean taskfailure walking
Saga: Sorcerer's Castle (Saga: The Sorcerers Curse) Ark Royal Games (Ark Royal Games)1985 5.25disk cave commercial interactivefiction keyboard knives lamp license-proprietary subterranean wordinput
Bouncing Boulders Diecom (Diecom)1986 boulderdashlike claiming digging lives score subterranean
Wizard's Den Novasoft;Tom Mix Software (Novasoft;Tom Mix Software)1987 5.25disk actionaventure cave coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial forest indoors joystick keyboard labyrinth license-proprietary magic magicrings medieval meleeweapons monsters outdoors pausefunction potions subterranean swords temple
Dig T&D Software (T&D Software)1987 5.25disk boulderdashlike cassette coco1 coco2 coco3 digging lives score subterranean
The Quest for Thelda: A Journey into Adventure Sundog Systems (Sundog Systems)1989 5.25disk bombs burning coco3 commercial currency did doors dragons dungeon fantasyworld flipscreens humanoidprotagonist illequipped inventory itempickup-auto itempickup-scrap joystick keys license-proprietary limitedcapacity magic mapdeficient meleeweapons monsters outdoors playerprofiles rescue shopping subterranean swords trees upgrades-abilities upgrades-health upgrades-other upgrades-permanent walking
Paladin's Legacy Sundog Systems (Sundog Systems)1989 2hmeleeweapons 5.25disk assemblylang coco1 coco2 coco3 commercial currency drm drm-removed free2play hunger indoors keyboard knives license-proprietary licensechange meleeweapons outdoors shopping spiders subterranean swords watercraft xp-kills
Crystal City (The Crystal City) Sundog Systems (Gosub Software)1990 5.25disk bossbattles caveflying coco3 coco3enhanced commercial destructibleenvironment indoors joystick license-proprietary outdoors pixelterrain score subterranean
UMoria (UMoria 5.5) author (author)1993 1life 2hmeleeweapons adv-static alarmers alcohol alpha amoeboids amphibians ants automap axes beetles beggars bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-stacks capacity-toolslots capacity-weight centipedes charactercreation chiroptera circadiancycle clanguage classbased containers creatureidentification crossbows currency curseditems dark digging doors doors-breakable download dragonflies elementals elves encounters-literal encounters-random encounters-seen encounters-unseen eviloverlord explosives femaleprotagonist floatingeyes fogofwar frog fuel fungi gems genderchoice ghosts giantbeetles giantinsects giants giantscorpions gnomes golems haggling halflings harpies healingitems healthregen hobgoblins humans hunger indoors inventory invisiblefoes itemidentification itempickup-auto itempickup-ignore itempickup-instant jackals javelins jewelry knives lamp lances license-gpl liches limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking magic magicrings magicweapons maingauche maleprotagonist mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters morningstars mummies mycoids mystics naga ninja npcteleporting orcs outdoors outlaws perchararelations permadeath pickaxe platformreference polearms prospecting protagonistnaming quitsave racechoice randomdamage randomizedattributes reptiles resting roguelike sasquatch saveanywhere scorpions secrets secrets-invisible shields shopping skeletons slings snakes sorcery spears specieschoice stealingnpcs stealth subterranean summoning swords taxonomy teleport teleporting tilebased town traps trolls unarmedfighting undead vampires walking warhammers weefolk whips worms wraiths xp-kills zombies
Pop Star Pilot author (author)2016 1life ambiguous-checkpoints boxed cdrom coco3 commercial fbd flying fuel joystick license-proprietary lives outdoors projectilelimit score subterranean