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Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy  Mindscape (Electric Dreams)1996 cdrom rating-esrb-m
Chronicles of the Sword  Psygnosis (Dimensions Creative;Synthetic Dimensions)1996 arthurianmyth medieval rating-esrb-m
Redneck Rampage  Interplay Entertainment (Xatrix Entertainment)1997 1life abnormalammo alcohol alieninvasion aliens antiheroprotagonist assaultrifles automap bombs buildengine chickens civilianprotagonist clanguage controlmalfunction difficulty display-vesa distortedvision dosextender driving drunkenness earth energyweapons firearms firstpersonshooter gog handguns hicks hitscan interspecificconflict inventory jumping northamerica rating-esrb-m rednecks shotguns steampowered vehiclerepairshop voiceovers walking