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The Amazon Trail The Learning Company;MECC (The Learning Company)1996 amazon cdrom commercial cpu-386 earth license-proprietary mouse naturalistic southamerica win95
The Amazon Trail II MECC (MECC)1996 amazon earth naturalistic southamerica
Earth 2150 (Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet)  Topware Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2000 2150s 22ndcentury africa amazon apocalyptic basebuilding canada directx6 earth earth-series egypt future leveleditor mecha realtimestrategy robots southamerica supplies vehicledesigning walkers win95
Hamilton's Great Adventure  Fatshark (Fatshark)2011 achievements achievements-public adventurerprotagonist amazon bitsquid companion cooperation directionalforce directx11 disappearingplatforms doors facebookconnect gems grid grid-square interactivetriggers keys netranking physx rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-7 ruins score shadermodel4 southamerica steampowered steamworks tropic twitter winvista