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Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons  505 Games (Starbreeze Studios)2013 achievements artlang autojumping autumnal bookends captives cave cemetery cooperation cpplanguage death defenseless directx9 distortedvision driders drm elevators fairytalelike fireflies ghosts gianthumanoids giants giantturtles gryphons hapticfeedback ingamecinematics ladders langinsignificant launcher ledges lightbloom mountain multiprotagonists multitasking netframework neutralmonsters nohud ogres playerexposition puzzlebosses quake rapid rating-pegi-16 scenic screenshake separated slipperysurfaces spectres speech-gibberish steampowered swimming teenprotagonist titularcharacter town tragicending tutorial unknownpast unrealengine3 waterfalls wintery winxp x360pad