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Cargo – The Quest for Gravity  bitComposer Games;Viva Media (Ice-pick Lodge)2011 achievements achievements-public aeroplane aerostat amphibiousvehicle archipelago blankprotagonist capacity-unlimited deathless designing-freeform directx9 driving earth engineerprotagonist femaleprotagonist havokphysics helicopter island jumping mode-sandbox modularvehicles motorboat multienvcraft music-custom nofalldamage nudity nudity-featureless opensolutions openworld physics postapocalypse propellerplane quake raft rating-esrb-t resourceharvesting robots rotorcraft screenshake selfcensorship shadermodel2 shapematters shopping steampowered steamworks submarine summery swimming systemsdriven tangibleabstracts theora titlementioned undefinedelements underwater underwaterfacility vehicledesigning vehicleflip vehicleselectinplay vorbis walking watercraft wheeledvehicle wintery winvista winxp
Besiege  Spiderling Studios (Spiderling Studios)2015 alphafunding constructionpuzzle depthoffield designing-freeform driving indevelopment splatter ssao steampowered uvl-confusable vehicledesigning