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The Devil Inside  Cryo Interactive;Take-Two Interactive Software (Cryo Interactive)2000 alternatingprotagonist gameshow zombies
Bet on Soldier (B.O.S.;Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport) Focus;Digital Jesters (Kylotonn Entertainment)2005 firstpersonshooter gameshow physx spiritualsuccessor
The Ship (The Ship: Murder Party)  Outerlight;Blazing Griffin (Outerlight)2006 1920s 20thcentury bankservice bribing clandestine commercialized containers criminalactivity directx8 directx9 doors download dvd excretion fatigue fines firearms gameshow hunger imprisonment improvisedweapons inventory jumping lifesimulation locationinfo map naturalistic novintfalcon quickkeys rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 resting sourceengine stamina stealth trespassing tutorial walking watercraft-location win2k win98 winxp
Ben and Ed Sluggerfly (Sluggerfly)2015 dark-limited gameshow gore inbuilttraps pcdismemberment splatter steampowered undeadprotagonist