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Flight Simulator for Windows 95 (Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95;Microsoft Flight Simulator 95;Microsoft Flight Simulator 6.0) Microsoft (Microsoft)1996 addons aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-extra300 msflightsim win95
Combat Flight Simulator Microsoft (Microsoft)1998 1940s aerodyne aeroplane england france msflightsim propellerplane worldwar2
Flight Simulator 2000 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000) Microsoft (Microsoft)1999 aerodyne aeroplane earth msflightsim naturalistic
Combat Flight Simulator 2: WW2 Pacific Theater Microsoft2000 msflightsim
Flight Simulator 2002 (FS2002;Flight Simulator 8.0) Microsoft (Microsoft)2001 headtracking lookaround msflightsim trackir
Combat Flight Simulator 3 Microsoft (Microsoft)2002 msflightsim
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century Of Flight (MSFS2004;MSFS9;Microsoft Flight Simulator 9.0) Microsoft (Microsoft Game Studios)2003 msflightsim radpixomatic zonematch
Flight Simulator X (Microsoft Flight Simulator X;FSX) Microsoft (Microsoft Game Studios)2006 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-7x7 aircraft-a320-airbus aircraft-cessna172 aircraft-extra300 directinput directx10 directx9 headtracking helicopter lookaround msflightsim passengeraircraft rotorcraft trackir utilityaircraft
Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Microsoft (Microsoft Game Studios)2007 aerodyne aircraft-fa18-hornet directx10 directx9 helicopter msflightsim rotorcraft