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VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2010 aircontrol deadlydecor deathpits demo disappearingplatforms gravitycontrol humblebundle instantdeath movingplatforms music-chiptune precisionplatformer retro retrypoints retrypoints-rollback
Terrorhedron  Micro Macro Games (Micro Macro Games)2011 3ormoreplayers abstract anaglyphic directx9 minionstats modularstructures mp-cooperative music-chiptune nocampaign nostory paidkilling playerprogression polyhedrons priorities radialblur serialkey spatiallogic steampowered timecompression towerdefense tutorial undefinedelements waves
Super Hexagon  author (author)2012 abstract colorful environment-busy harmfultouch instantdeath music-chiptune noshading simplistic steampowered
Reprisal ELECTROLYTE (ELECTROLYTE;Last 17)2013 adobeair desura download energyregen godgame licensechange magic music-chiptune terraindeformation
FEZ  Polytron (Polytron)2013 autosavepoints autosaves-periodic chromaticaberration claiming containers cryptography dropplatforms environmentalpuzzle falldamage flyingislands glitchvisuals impossiblegeometry indie instantdeath invisibleplatforms itemget keys keys-disposable ledges lutris movingplatforms multiverse music-chiptune newgameplus nocombat nohud nonhumanprotagonist openal perspectivebasedreality pixelated portals pressureplates puzzleplatformer rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 secrets steampowered swimming teleport teleporters titularobject undefinedelements virtualglitching waterjumping
Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe  Adult Swim Games (author)2013 deadlydecor music-chiptune retro score steampowered unlockable-characters
Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender  Tikipod (Tikipod)2013 felidprotagonist mp-cooperative music-chiptune nonsense protect radar retro steampowered underwater unlimitedammo waves
Xenon Valkyrie  Diabolical Mind (Diabolical Mind)2017 bossbattles download ds3pad ds4pad femaleprotagonist gamepad hard indie multipleendings music-chiptune permadeath retro roguelite steamcontroller steampowered x1pad x360pad