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Rune (Rune Classic)  Take 2 Interactive;Gathering of Developers (Human Head Studios)2000 1life actionadventure apocalyptic axes blocking bludgeons cdrom clothingchanges death defensebreaking directx7 divinemenace drm dwarves endtime eviloverlord giantinsects glide3d hackandslash ledges leveleditor magic mediaindrive meleeweapons mp-dm mythicfiction norsemythology opengl prologue safedisc serious shields skeletons subterranean swords swrender throwanything undead underworld unrealengine unrealengine1 vikings voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist weefolk
Beowulf: The Game (Беовульф)  Ubisoft;Buka Entertainment (Ubisoft Tiwak;Ubisoft Shanghai)2007 actionadventure anglosaxonmythology beowulf earth hackandslash medieval monsters movie mythicfiction sourcematerial-epic yetiengine
Garshasp Gorz-e-Serit (گرشاسپ گرز ثریت) Fanafzar Game Studios (Fanafzar Game Studios)2010 actionadventure arabianfantasy axes book city cpplanguage earth iran jungle keep langfarsi meleeweapons monsterhunters monsters mythicfiction mythicfigure ogre-engine openal past persianmythology physx preislamicsetting rating-esra-15 revenge semiteprotagonist swords temple walking war wxwidgets
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer  Dead Mage (Dead Mage)2011 achievements achievements-public actionadventure arabianfantasy bludgeons dodging grappling hackandslash invisiblewalls meleeweapons monkeybars monsterhunters monsters mythicfiction mythicfigure ogre-engine persianmythology platforming semiteprotagonist steampowered steamworks sweepingstrikes swords titularcharacter walking